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I've just finished the registration of 2 buildings that are quite close to each other, but my surveyors didn't collect enough intermittent scans in between the buildings to accurately combine the 2 groups. It would be useful to just select a group and create a new project from that data to take straight through to indexing. Unfortunately I had to duplicate the project, disband a group in each project, then delete the scans 1 at a time in the import screens before I could index. I beleive this would provide a very fast workflow; if one person is registering they could easily keep feeding info to the Revit (or other) guys as various groups are registered.


Obviously the group would need removing from the previous project - or at least an option to do so.

Limitations on Meshing

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer cespinosa on ‎08-18-2016 02:09 PM

Just found out the newest version of ReCap has a 30 square meter limitation on meshing!

Please tell me this is not true!

We just purchased 6 subscriptions of ReCap for scanning intersections of highways...


How long is this limitation going to be in effect?



Color Points by Slope

Status: Future Consideration
by Enthusiast ZoltanFerenczy on ‎05-13-2016 09:03 AM

Similar to how points can be colored by Normals, coloring by slope would give the points a color based on the deflection angle (0 - 180 degrees) of the point's normal vector relative to the +Z-axis vector. This would be useful for identifying the slopes of land contours, ADA requirements for ramps, or visualizing drainage and water run-off.

One of my users passed this on to me this morning:


When adding an image to a note in a scan it pulls it up in a static view window and you can’t zoom in.  Need to make the view image window a dynamic widow so you can zoom in and pan the image.

File Properties

Status: Future Consideration
by Collaborator Light_Guy on ‎04-07-2015 02:15 PM - last edited on ‎04-07-2015 02:18 PM |

We need a File Properties window, similar to iProperties in Inventor. Somewhere where we can give a brief overview of the project, identify the author of the file, note what project it is a part of...and so on.

For a lot of scan projects its much easier to set out the coordinates in the field first > position the scanner above or between the points > attach the coordinates to the scans > Import in the scan software (Recap) without registration > clean the scans without the need to stitch them.


This is WAY faster and more accurate than by Shape matching. Yes, it takes a little more time in the field to set out the coordinates, but most of the times these coordinates are also needed for other things (Infraworks360, Construction coordination, ect.)


It was already possible with the TopCon GLS-2000 .ij data in Recap, but it doesn't seem to work anymore since update 2.2 . It would be nice to register them by importing an .csv or something in Recap or by recognizing the data from a file in the same folder.


See registration method 2 in the attachments.

Automation for Revit

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer jthomas on ‎07-22-2016 12:02 PM

I do a lot of coordination for the MEP trades. Many of these projects involve adding new scope to existing buildings. So we spend a ton of time converting point clouds to Revit models. We also use Edgewise when possible. I am currently testing out Recap Pro's mesh capabilities. I was initially disappointed to see it only allows a 30 meter cube because that only allows me to process 5 point clouds at a time and I can be responsible for converting as many as 400 point clouds.


My other concern is the process of converting these mesh files to a file format that Revit and Navisworks accept. It is not automated and it takes a huge amount of time to go from one step to the next. Here is my current workflow:

1.) Import an FLS or PTX to Recap (About 30 minutes for 5 points clouds)

2.) Bring the Recap file into the cloud to mesh (About 15 minutes for 5 point clouds) 

3.) Have the cloud create an OBJ file (About 3 hours for 5 point clouds)

4.) Open the OBJ file in 3ds Max and make sure you are using the correct units/ scale.

5.) Export the file as a DWG


That means that I have to click buttons every 30 minutes to 3 hours for one mesh and repeat that process about 80 times before I would have an entire building ready. In an ideal world there would be a plug-in that would automate this 5 step process for me and I could come back to the file when it is ready. Another concern is that currently (if I did my math right) even an automated process would take 13+ days for 400 point cloud files.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




Point Cloud Differentiation

Status: Future Consideration
by Employee on ‎04-09-2015 07:22 AM

It would be of great value to compare point clouds against each other, or point clouds and a 3D CAD model, to see what is different. This will assist in the process of updating a 3D model to an "as-is" state as well as maintaining an "as-is" point cloud of an ever-changing asset.

Please create a functionality that allows you to utilize the regions from RECAP when viewing scan data in Navisworks. This functionality is already integreated into AutoCAD, Revit, and Invenetor. This will greatly help presenting 3D model with useful laser scan data.

You create a Recap photo project based on 70 photos.
After manually setting quite a number of registration points (quite time consuming with large number of photos!) and coordinates the upload and processing starts.
If the upload fails for some reason all registration work is lost.


The idea is to save the registration information before the upload starts. This way it can be re-used if the upload fails and the project needs to be re-submitted. If it is a text file, maybe even coordinates can be edited in case there is an error or typo or registratiuon points can be renumbered.




HTC vive or oculus

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor ffauconnet on ‎02-25-2016 02:35 PM
Hi Guy,

Hello guys, can imagine Recap becomes compatible with HTC Vive or Oculus?

Thanks in advance

Our firm has used Point Cloud Data on Revit Construction docs (demo in particular). Can there be a feature to let you use a limit box to get a range of points (say from 0 to 4' off the ground.) and then to export to image file? High Resolution is preferred.



Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer patineusegirl on ‎05-17-2016 03:55 PM

I would like to be able to find the reflectance of my surface from the intensity data captured by a laser scanner.

Honor Level Scan Attribute

Status: Future Consideration
by Participant cmounts on ‎07-15-2015 12:29 PM

Most modern scanners produce level scans now. This is typically an attribute of the raw scan data. It has been my experience that Recap does not honor this attribute and has no problem tilting level scan data in the XZ or YZ axis if it belives there is a better fit that way. Most other registration software does not do this or at the very least will warn you when it has done it.


On smaller proejcts this is not usually an issue but can be catostrophic on larger projects. For exampel a 1/4 degree tilt becomes a huge problem when extended out over a 1000' or more.



locked points clouds

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer hannah.parker on ‎01-27-2016 01:38 AM

We create models from LiDAR data. Sometime we require contractors to work with this data but due to the data ownership, we are not able to give them access to the xyz files. What we need, to be able to move all of our artist team over to 2016 3ds Max, is some way to protect the ReCap point clouds, so that they can be imported, but not easily exported straight back out to xyz.


Does anyone else have a similar requirement?






I don't know if there are already laser scanners with 2 camera's for 3D panorama's, but I know the technology to create fake 3D panorama's exist from 1 panorama. It would be great to have this technology also in Recap for the RealViews. Especially when its shared to Recap 360.


These fake 3D RealViews could even be more accurate than Googles 'Cardboard camera' app, because Recap also has LIDAR data. At least there should be an Oculus/Vive/Cardboard connection for the 2D RealViews in 'the year of VR' at first by default.


As per this suggestion on  file properties, would like individual point cloud  / RCP statistics to be added well. Similar to Point Cloud Properties (isd files) in Civil 3D would be helpful.


We work with hybrid models:

the Recap Projects are attached in AutoCAD based applications to model the new things in the exising laserscan.

But often, we have to break down some existing things in order to attach the new things.

What I would like is that I am able to draw a Solid in AutoCAD (a basic solid like a box or a cylinder, to start with, a complex union of solids later on)

and then be able to select all Recap Points withing that solid to change them to another region to be able to make them invisible.

This functionality could be in Recap, but then we need to be able to attach a DWG as reference in Recap

OR it could be in AutoCAD (Inventor and Revit) as part of the functionality of the ReCap plug-in.


Point Cloud Alignment

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer dbanyard on ‎05-24-2016 11:55 AM

We need tools that help align point clouds to data in autocad, revit, etc.. Finding wall surfaces for alignment, or using multiple points for rotation and alignment would help in making the point cloud data more consistent in placement. Interior scans are much more difficult to locate especially when you cannot have survey control. When scanning in very enclosed locations, alignment becomes paramount to dealing with adjacency and coordination.

Please make recap a native Windows 10 app.  This would work with the Hololens

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