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Export photo from Recap 360

Status: Accepted
by Explorer jwildt on ‎10-31-2016 01:50 PM

just downloaded the latest revision.  thought the new export image would be exporting each image from the scanner.  it is only a screen shot of what is currently being viewed.  Please look to incorporate exporting all scan images. so we do not have to use the manufacturer's software.

Status: Accepted

Inserting ReCap cloud into Civil 3d 2016, Still doesn't scale properly. We have to scale the point cloud 0.99999803.

Status: Under Review

I am logging this on behalf of a customer, we noticed that textures/materials are not supported on RCS/RCP files. We caught this when the customer reported this as a behavior with the technical support group - so if you try to assign a texture/material to the RCS in say Navisworks for example, the texture doesn't come in (it appears as white) and there isn't any option within ReCap itself to say select a portion of the scan and assign a different texture. We found you could assign color overrides but not textures. The customer would like to see ReCap support textures coming in from other Autodesk products. 


Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor brianlee on ‎04-19-2016 11:29 AM - last edited on ‎04-19-2016 11:38 AM |

I would like to see a 'bundled' format for RCS files which can be extracted with programs like 7ZIP (such as a DOCX or DWFX). If I ONLY copy over the RCS files, I cannot re-register them again in ReCap as it loses the thumbnail and other functionality I'm not yet aware of. I would like to have the .DIFF, .LLT, .RCC, and .THUMBNAIL 'bundled together' with the .RCS with some .XML file which also stores scanner setting information and locational data (from the original RAW scan data of the device). Correct me if I'm wrong, the RCS is the RAW unfiltered data with the deltas carried inside the other dependency files.


The primary reason I'm trying to do this is so that I can organize my files better. My folder usually is exploding with scan files. I use ReCap by distributing the import point process onto multiple computers manually (I'm impatient, I don't like waiting and I don't drink coffee). For example, I would divide the set of scans between (eg. 3 computers) and run import from .FLS simultaneously. I would then reimport the .RCS files into a new project and re-register them together as a 'master' file.

Measuring tool

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer risc2010 on ‎12-20-2016 01:05 PM

I think the tool is nice but it need some more work for a little more precise snapping specially on perspective views. see it don't lock correct to edge sometime too. if any one have a suggestion about the correct way to snap please advice here where to go.

I have some projects which are georeferenced and I'd like to see which coordinate I use.

After set the coordinate system in the settings I cannot see it anymore. And it would be grat if the coordinate assign window is the same like in Civil or map and if you can filter the coordinate systems with EPSG codes, countries etc.

Furthermore it would be great if the coordinate system of the point cloud is set automatically and is shown for checking to the user.




It would be great to have a way to align the scan data during registration to a NWD model. This way the 0,0,0 of the scan data can match the NWD without the need to transform it in Navisworks.



Import annotations and details from file

Status: Implemented
by Employee on ‎04-06-2015 12:07 PM

You can manually create annotations inside of ReCap but it would be nice to be able to import/bulk load many annotations and their details at once from an external file (.txt, .xls, etc.). The external file would need to include the XYZ and annotation title at a minimum, but it would be nice to be able to include the details/pictures/links that are associated with the annotation asl well.


These files could come from surveyors, 3D CAD models, etc.

Status: Implemented

Added in 2.1.

Zoom while Selecting

Status: Under Review
by Advocate jrfrost on ‎01-15-2016 01:24 PM

You should be able to zoom in and out while selecting points.

Status: Under Review


My Idea is:


I have 250 Photos and 5 Control Points.

Control point # 1 is to apply to the photos  138-139-140-141-159-160-161-162-168-169-170-171

Control point # 2 to photos 284-285-286-293-294-295-296-323-324-325-332-333-334

Control point # 3 to photos 188-189-190-209-210-211-223-224-225

Control point # 4 to photos 147-148-151-152-153-177-178-179-185-186-187-188

Control point # 5 to photos 179-180-181-182-183-184-185-213-214-215-216-217-218-219-220-221

Identify those photos to apply the control points is very difficult



Status: Implemented

Hi @gustavo.bergoya,


Thank you for submitting your idea!

When adding survey points to the images you only need to add the coordinates to 3 images and the service will take care of the rest.

We'll take it into account to make this description more prominent in the future. 


Thank you again for using the Autodesk products and please continue to send us your requirements that will be of benefit to you!



The Autodesk ReCap Team



Keep Viewstate names turned on

Status: Implemented
by Participant Alex.Johnson on ‎02-09-2016 09:55 AM

Is there a way that we can keep the viewstate names turned on in the Project Navigator when the over all map is hiden.

Status: Implemented

Hi @Alex.Johnson,


Thank you for submitting your idea!
It seems like that your request has been reviewed and we are happy to inform you that the same has been implemented.


You may start using this feature today by downloading the latest ReCap version from our product page.

More about on the latest updates can be found here.


Thank you again for using the Autodesk products and please continue to send us your requirements that will be of your benefit!



The Autodesk ReCap Team

Annotation Groups

Status: Accepted
by Participant nazeeb.hamza on ‎01-19-2016 09:09 PM

Similar to the ability of creating Viewstate groups, we should have the ability for creating annotation groups. 

This will be very helpful when we are communicating with multiple teams on a project , for eg:- I can group electric related annotations in one group and mechanical related in another , it will be very easy to turn on/off the respective annotation group when communicating with the corresponding team.

Status: Accepted

Extents Recognition

Status: Under Review
by Collaborator Light_Guy on ‎08-10-2015 07:14 AM

We need ReCap to recognize that the file extents have changed after point cleanup/deletion. I would like to be able to use the view cube to select my view withouth it zooming back out to oblivion every time I pick a view or select the home button.

Status: Under Review

Registration Review 3D Preview

Status: Under Review
by Advocate jrfrost on ‎05-12-2016 11:39 AM

When registering scans, Recap should have a "3D preview" command before you click approve, so that you can review the registration in detail before accepting the registration. A lot of times if I'm unsure about how a scan is registering, I have to click "Approve" and then I can review it in 3D. 

Status: Under Review

Far Plane Resetting as Scans Load

Status: Under Review
by Explorer derek.slabosz on ‎03-23-2017 03:57 PM

For roadway scene cleaning, I generally like to set my far plane to 10 and move noise to a different hidden layer. I would like to start cleaning the scene as soon as a single scan has loaded, but unfortunately as each additional scan loads, the far plane is set back to 10000. Can the far plane settings remain as each scan loads so that I can immediately begin cleaning?  It would greatly help downtime and productivity.

Status: Under Review

Export in Feet... Please!

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor ewbFJ62P on ‎04-06-2017 05:38 AM

It seems that the transformation applied in civil 3d to a point cloud from recap applies a scale factor of only 3.2808.  This is fine with a local 5000,5000 coordinate system, but if my project is in the millions of feet, the scaling is not correct.  solution is simple...  Export in Feet!  Please!

Yesterday, while testing the new Autoregistration, I found that my test project had a corrupted scan. Recap did not realize this, apparently, and just continued to try and import it. It ran for 22 hours before I stopped it and restarted without the bad file. Surely there has to be a way for ReCap to say hey you have a bad file, please remove and try again. It can't just run infinitely. In the attached pic, time left to go hit 0 at approximately 130 minutes elapsed time.

One of my users passed this on to me this morning:


When adding an image to a note in a scan it pulls it up in a static view window and you can’t zoom in.  Need to make the view image window a dynamic widow so you can zoom in and pan the image.

Cleanup by Colour

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate on ‎11-17-2016 08:21 AM

I've just been cleaning up a scan for the past 30 mins or so and whilst the in-built cloud tool 'Cleanup' does an OK'ish job, it sill take a great deal of time and then removes points which should not be removed and leaves many which I need to remove. I the had to use the fence selection and removal tools repeatedly to get close to a fully cleaned model.


The points I want to remove are create by the laser bouncing off of glass and reflective surfaces. My thinking is that because all points created as a reflection are effectively white, would it no be possible to add a cleanup tool which looks for point of no colour? I believe that the only objects which would be this true white would be reflections as even white surfaces are going to have RGB values applied which are close but not fully RCG 255, 255, 255


These white reflection points are all around and inside the building.




This would save an huge amount of time.

Limit Box Manager

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator John.DeLeeuw on ‎09-14-2016 06:40 AM

Can you add a Limit Box Manager to the Project Navigator in which these things become possible:


  • Saving of multiple Limit Boxes throughout the scans
  • Numerical input of Limit Box sizes and position
  • Limit Box visibility per item like Project Navigator already offers


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