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3D Photographs to Model Ability to Embed PDF's

Status: Accepted
by Advocate bd5cents on ‎12-30-2015 09:29 AM

It would be immensely beneficial for us to be able to tag the model, attach specification data, submittal data, warranty information, and hyperlinks to the 3D model that is generated, and then to be able to send that data to an interface that allows our customers, service department, and others to view the attached information. Without the need for ReCap. I'm thinking through A360 Team!


Attached is our current workflow, and from there you can see why it would be beneficial. We currently use A360 Collaboration for Revit to push this information out to our contractors. It would help a lot to get the software to allow for this capability. It would streamline our deliverable process and make us more efficient as well.


The ability to host this data in the cloud through A360 would allow us to provide a customer deliverable that is easy and functional!

Status: Accepted

Dear Autodesk and colleagues,


Recap and 123D (design, make, print, catch, make, mesh, etc.) are all very potential applications. Applications where further development is definitely possible. Applications that make use of a similar environment and workflows.


All these programs got some features, but what if you can create one program (Recap 4.0) that has the option to switch between these disciplines? More collaboration, better work environment, faster working, and more.


The power over other Autodesk products, for example Revit, is that you can use the program for more than one discipline. Imagine that you integrate the 123D applications into Recap, so the customer can choose their discipline just like you do in Revit and other Autodesk products.


Imagine you can 3D scan a building (or object), both with pictures as with a 3D scanner, upload it in Recap (4.0), optimize, outline, add component, reshape, make groups, directly make an export for either Autodesk products or a 3D printer and many more!


This idea generates a lot of possibility's, time savings and licensing benefits for both Autodesk as resellers. Of course, the 123D applications are free at this moment, make use of this! You can make a program (Recap 4.0) where only the features from 123D and some from Recap are free to use, let them taste the possibility's and make more money that way. Win-win.


Vote for this idea and everybody wins!






Status: Implemented

Thank you for submitting your idea @Jreij!
The request has been reviewed and we are happy to inform you that Autodesk will make the necessery actions to merge some of the best functinalities from similar products and provide a more cohesive experiance.


You can see the initial start of this initiative on this page, and you can expect a more integrated experiance from ReCap when it comes to utulizing Reality Capture technologies. 


Thank you again for using the Autodesk products and please continue to send us your requirements that will be of your benefit!



The Autodesk ReCap Team

First:  you have a good product.  I use it daily and it is a critical component of our business workflow.  Accordingly, I do beta tests and am first to try out new updates and features.


I keep getting requests for new services and features.  This is great!  However, I would suggest you do some housekeeping around the Recap platform before confusing the customer with new editions, models, features, subscriptions, names, brands, SDKs, DLLs, GUIs, web-portals, etc.


To elaborate:  If everry there is someone who should understand the Recap system it is me.  I follow and subscribe to most anything I can get my hands on.  Yet even I am confused with versions and releases and features and cloud credits and A360 and Recap360 vs. Ultimate vs. Pro vs 2.2 vs. Recap2017 vs Cloud, vs subscription.  Can you make 2 (or at most 3) "Levels" of program and stop it there, with clear delinineation between what is included with each?


Furthermore, I don't think that Photogrammetry and Lidar shoudl be mixed into one program.  They are entirely different at the moment. Lidar is destktop, while Photogrammetry is just a link to your Recap 360 website (againn, very confusing).  


Uploading a Lidar scan project to the Recap360 (or is it A360?!?!) site to share with a client is clunky and confusing. Equally as confusing with Photogrammetry projects and creating Meshes from Lidar data.  Argghhh!!


You should run a dead-link check with ALL of your portals, sites, hubs, blogs, newsletters, etc.  It is quite frequent that I encounter a dead link.  And this is not exclusively when browsing an obscure post or site.  Some top level links from the Recap interface are dead links (404 errors).  And some of the top posts on the forum provide answers to questions for Recap 1.x that was replaced and made obsolete year(s) ago.   Keep current/relevant posts and suggestions top and archive the others.  Things move fast in your world.  Unlike a Microsoft Excel forum, posts on Recap are obsolete after 12 months.  Maybe less.  Many of your "News" postings are from 2014. Purge them.


Lastly, you should consider one streamlined place for Recap users.  Currently there is Autodesk product pages, Recap360, user groups, hubs, forums, etc.  And there is little consistency to content across them, or reciprocity in links between them.


Also lastly, how about disabling the upsell links for subscriptions if the user is signed in already?  I'm currently a "Pro" subscriber and yet on the Recap program main welcome screen, it pitches me to "Upgrade to Pro to unlock features".  I could overlook this except that I have litte confidence in the Adesk system knowing I already AM a Pro subscriber.  Or so I thought.  Have I done something wrong?  


Shake some things up at Recap, make them consistent, create a single brand/product, and don't look back.  I'd be all in.  Your customers would flock to the product. Right now even our Authorized resellers don't understand it.


Far too long of a rant, but I mean it constructively,


Status: Accepted
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