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Import annotations and details from file

Status: Implemented
by Employee on ‎04-06-2015 12:07 PM

You can manually create annotations inside of ReCap but it would be nice to be able to import/bulk load many annotations and their details at once from an external file (.txt, .xls, etc.). The external file would need to include the XYZ and annotation title at a minimum, but it would be nice to be able to include the details/pictures/links that are associated with the annotation asl well.


These files could come from surveyors, 3D CAD models, etc.

Status: Implemented

Added in 2.1.

It would be great to have a way to align the scan data during registration to a NWD model. This way the 0,0,0 of the scan data can match the NWD without the need to transform it in Navisworks.



It would be great if we could import 2d dwg's or 3d files for the use of alignment.  if we could select a location on the drawing or model and associate it with a point in the picture that would be a great way to align project data.

Coloring cloud point

Status: Under Review
by Contributor ffauconnet on ‎08-15-2016 11:13 AM

Hi team recap,


I push you the idea to integrate the SDK of iStar In Autodesk Recap.


Istar :

SDK Istar :

We imagine in the begining in Recap we drop all scans and all Istar image to color Scan before registration ;)



Thanks in advance



Import .dwg models into ReCap

Status: Implemented
by Enthusiast jasper.paulusma on ‎03-22-2016 01:48 AM

Could it be possible to import a .DWG model into ReCap, also to see in the Realview mode. This would improve routing pipe using plant 3D greatly. The AutoCAD software is nice to route in in parallel view but you cannot see the collisions well. A second screen in Perspective view with the model in it would be useful. I use Navisworks now to check for collisions in the point cloud. However ReCap is working much smoother and easier with the possibility for Realview.


Greetings Jasper.

Status: Implemented

Hi All,

We are happy to inform you that the requested idea has been reviewed and that the same has been implemented in the latest product release.


You may start using this feature today by downloading the this ReCap version from our product page.

More about all the updates can be found here.


Thank you again for using the Autodesk products and please continue to send us your requirements that will be of your benefit!



The Autodesk ReCap Team

Recap import Topcon CLR files

Status: Implemented
by Participant mark.mcnaught on ‎10-05-2016 06:34 PM - last edited on ‎10-05-2016 06:37 PM |



Can I please have an ETA on a fix for CLR files direct import? I work for authorized Topcon dealer in Canada. I know of the product release for ReCap functioning with direct import of CLR files, which are files directly off the scanner SD card (hence bypassing Topcon Scanmaster software for coloring scans). Topcon put out a release note saying it was now functional in Recap, months ago. I tested it that very same day and it didnt work, there was no way to import SEVERAL scans at once, as Recap sees them all as the same name. 


I've noted this to Topcon a couple of months ago, at which time I was told Autodesk is aware of the problem, and the next release would have a better workflow for importing many scans at once in CLR format. It was noted that this release might be expected in October. 


I have a very big demo opportunity in 2 weeks where I want to show off the Recap workflow for a customer that wants to bring scans into Revit, but as it stands I have to import and color them in Scanmaster, then into Recap, and it just isnt a very good workflow. 


Any update on a fix? I've just signed up for a paid version of Recap Pro, but without this function it's not really worth it if I have to use Scanmaster anyway. 




Status: Implemented

For a lot of scan projects its much easier to set out the coordinates in the field first > position the scanner above or between the points > attach the coordinates to the scans > Import in the scan software (Recap) without registration > clean the scans without the need to stitch them.


This is WAY faster and more accurate than by Shape matching. Yes, it takes a little more time in the field to set out the coordinates, but most of the times these coordinates are also needed for other things (Infraworks360, Construction coordination, ect.)


It was already possible with the TopCon GLS-2000 .ij data in Recap, but it doesn't seem to work anymore since update 2.2 . It would be nice to register them by importing an .csv or something in Recap or by recognizing the data from a file in the same folder.


See registration method 2 in the attachments.

Recently, We found importing a PTX and PTS with the default settings brought them in very close, but not at the exact coordinates. Turns out, for pts we needed to specifically change the units to US Survey Feet. While I was given instructions by the Autodesk Support Team, and was able to figure it out, I find the simple solution would be to move unit selection up front, where you select files to import. See attached images (If I could add 2 more attachments, it would be useful in explaining). 

Status: Accepted

Far Plane Resetting as Scans Load

Status: Under Review
by Explorer derek.slabosz on ‎03-23-2017 03:57 PM

For roadway scene cleaning, I generally like to set my far plane to 10 and move noise to a different hidden layer. I would like to start cleaning the scene as soon as a single scan has loaded, but unfortunately as each additional scan loads, the far plane is set back to 10000. Can the far plane settings remain as each scan loads so that I can immediately begin cleaning?  It would greatly help downtime and productivity.

Status: Under Review

Recap use to index the scans much faster, before RealViews were made.  While RealViews are nice, they increase processing time and file size.  Sometimes they are not needed.  Please make a way for the user to 'check' RealView creation before indexing. 

It would be useful to be able to add other file formats when marking up a Recap 360 project. Images a re fine for something's but I would like to be able to add, .pdf, .doc or .xls, these documents could be risk assessments for items of plant or maintenance schedules for instance.

If this can't be done with a built in document viewer, then perhaps it could be done via hyperlink to a document stored in Autodesk 360 or BIM 360 storage and then launched in the necessary MS Office or PDF application.




Export and Import Viewstates

Status: Under Review
by Participant nazeeb.hamza on ‎01-19-2016 09:54 PM

We have multiple groups working on the same project at the same time (on the same recap project files on individual PC's) and each are creating viewstates. But at the end to have a MASTER PROJECT file with all the view states, we are currently recreating the individual viewstates in to one file to have the master (we do that after importing all the annotations from the individual PC's). This process is taking a long time and to overcome we need to have the ability to export and import viewstates.

Status: Under Review

Support for all LAS file versions

Status: Implemented
by Contributor pieter.haeck on ‎10-05-2016 01:39 AM

ReCap doesn't support LAS file version 1.4.


Scanners can output this kind of file version. It would be great that all versions of LAS would be supported (and also by preference native LAZ support), since there is lack of documentation which versions are actually supported.

Status: Implemented

Thank you for submitting your idea @pieter.haeck!
The request has been reviewed and I'm happy to inform you that the same has been implemented.


You may start using this feature today by downloading the latest ReCap version from our product page.




Thank you again for using the Autodesk products and please continue to send us your requirements that will be of your benefit!



The Autodesk ReCap Team

Eyesmap support

Status: Under Review
by Enthusiast bashar_dawood on ‎09-02-2016 08:15 PM

currently there is no support for Eyesmap files (.PLY) can you guys support this file extension

Status: Under Review

Ayuda servicios de nube

Status: Under Review
by Participant felix.salgado on ‎01-27-2017 10:49 AM

Buenas tardes


tengo problemas al inicia con el procesamiento en servicios de nube desde recap 360 ( Malla de objetos y limpieza de objetos ), que hacer para desbloquear la opción, estos datos son obtenidos desde drone si la opcion se bloqua por este tipo de captura de realidad, la idea es que se desbloque para cualquier captura de realidad ya sea drone o laser scanner 

Limpieza RECAP.JPG

Status: Under Review

locked points clouds

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer hannah.parker on ‎01-27-2016 01:38 AM

We create models from LiDAR data. Sometime we require contractors to work with this data but due to the data ownership, we are not able to give them access to the xyz files. What we need, to be able to move all of our artist team over to 2016 3ds Max, is some way to protect the ReCap point clouds, so that they can be imported, but not easily exported straight back out to xyz.


Does anyone else have a similar requirement?







Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate chauhuh on ‎10-17-2016 11:33 AM

in large buildings with lots of equipment and walls inside it is easy to get lost. Being able to overlay grids would be great.

background image

Status: Implemented
by Enthusiast bashar_dawood on ‎08-23-2016 08:19 PM

Could you please make recap able to change the background to a different image.

Status: Implemented

Hi @bashar_dawood,


Thank you for submitting your idea!
The request has been reviewed and we are happy to inform you that the same has been implemented.


You may start using this feature today by downloading the latest ReCap version from our product page.

More about on the latest updates can be found here.


Thank you again for using the Autodesk products and please continue to send us your requirements that will be of your benefit!



The Autodesk ReCap Team

Upon importing an e57, it would be helpful if you could choose to index and unify.  Many times we index over night for large processes, and then have to run a unification overnight the following day to make the point cloud manageable.  This should be something you could choose right at the import stage. 

You guys have a powerful software, but mostly aimed for expensive scanners.


I think many will benefit very much if ReCap360 can also control kinect and occipital structure scanners, and many growing one.

If those companies can make a plugin that ReCap360 users can download then install on Recap, it would be very useful.


Imagine you can now scan your own pretty car, your fridge, inside your washing machine, what is above your ceiling, or to capture a memory when you are in a remote area, you can look back the path you walked through in a jungle. You can have a scanner like GoPro that sits on top of your head while you travel and you can go through a whole journey back in time.


Photos are good, scanners + photos are better.

Status: Implemented
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