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Autocad Should read and scale the ReCap cloud properly.

Status: Under Review
by Explorer chris.fries on ‎04-07-2016 03:31 PM

Inserting ReCap cloud into Civil 3d 2016, Still doesn't scale properly. We have to scale the point cloud 0.99999803.

Status: Under Review
By: Explorer jeff.nichols
| Posted ‎04-21-2016 12:13 PM

YES, Recap takes your State Plane data and scales it to metric.  Civil automatically assumes you want to work in International Feet and scales accordingly.  We turn off the insunits and scale the cloud up 3.2808333.  Basically the same approach you're taking.  This needs to be addressed.  Most users could care less, but it does matter.  Its scary thinking about the ones not understanding this and rolling along.  oh well.

By: Community Visitor jross34XLC
| Posted ‎06-21-2016 11:44 AM

Jeff and Chris,

I agree. My primary use of ReCap is to get a point cloud through this program and into Civil3D as quickly as possible and begin my real work of building the surface and drawing features. I could also do without the cartoony interface as well, but I'd settle for a spatially correct and easily verifiable recap file, similar to the display in Civil3D.


By: Community Manager
| Posted ‎10-11-2016 09:37 AM
Status changed to: Under Review
By: Contributor brianlee
| Posted ‎10-12-2016 10:08 AM

I concur with this request. US Americans have to deal with a very unsightly number (3937/1200) to convert from Metric to U.S. Survey Feet.


For example, my X, Y values for location on the California NAD83 state plane coordinate system begin at roughly 6000000,2000000. When I go from Metric to U.S. Survey feet, I end of missing my ground control points by a few inches and sometimes more than a foot in programs like Revit.


Think of it like scaling a block that has its origin at 0,0 and the top right extents at 6000000, 2000000 units. People might say I'm crazy trying to push CAD's scale factor that many units but the insanity lies in how our State Plane Coordinate system is defined.


When Revit can only go to 6 decimal places for the scale factor, I can only punch in 3.280833 to scale the point cloud. When in fact it should be 3.2808333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 (extra 3's added for emphasis but the more the better!).



If ReCap gave me a point cloud export in U.S. Survey Feet for starters, it would not be an issue.


Once again, this is VERY important for those who are trying to use ReCap in a georeferenced surveying environment.


For a nice read, please try this:

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