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Allow auto-blur /facial recognition in Real Views to adhere to privacy laws

Allow auto-blur /facial recognition in Real Views to adhere to privacy laws

I am logging this on behalf of a customer in Germany:


"We would like an option to sanitize RealViews I’m sure you are aware of the strict German privacy laws – we currently have a manual process to blur faces and vehicle registration plates, but it would be a quicker process if it could be done in the RealViews themselves. ZFS SDK Implementation Selection scans are a key feature on the Z+F Imager series, to capture targets at long range for a superior registration result. However, when importing a ZFS with selection scans associated with it into Recap Pro, the selections no longer seem to be associated with the main scan. The selections simply load as a new standalone scan. This loses the option of using these selections to position the main scan, which limits the usefulness of Recap Pro as a registration tool. Is there the possibility to improve this implementation?"



Not applicable   This is a great idea which has a lot of merit.  Here is a link to a similar idea.   I would add the manual ability to blur out some confidential information contained on white boards and other content.


I am surprised that very few individuals have voted for this feature request.  I just had this discussion at FCA today how we can protect our confidential information when scanning in our manufacturing plants.

@Anonymous  Thank you for up-voting this. I've also up-voted the other request you linked. 



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