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Actual Intensity Viewing during Registration

Status: Gathering Support
by New Member ACADEMYG on ‎04-20-2017 03:37 AM

It would be great - scratch that - It is essential to be able to view the side by side registration images in intensity colours not just RGB.


Currently if you toggle between RGB and Intensity, Recap changes the RGB imagery to a greyscale version of the RGB picture!!!! Not the intensity view that the scanner captures.


Seeing as Recap must use the intensity points in the background to find the checkerboards and spheres, why can't we also see it.


The intensity view is important as most scanners record the 3D points and intensity first then take the colour imagery to colour the cloud, between this this can change for example measuring on a busy street.  When picking checkerboards and spheres in RGB (or even the greyscale version of RGB) just because you can see the checkerboard does not mean that the checkerboard was not obscured during initial measurement. 


This is a fairly fundamental issue that needs rectifying.


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