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project sharing

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04-11-2017 09:46 AM

We would like to change some of the permissions of some of the users we have invited for Recap360 RealView projects in order to give them control.  Recap has the drop down to change their permissions, but it does not do anything.  We then tried to delete the users completely, and re-share, however it won't let us do that either. 

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Re: project sharing

04-13-2017 04:08 AM in reply to: jared.white

I'll forward this for investigation.  When you say 'it won't let us do that', do you mean you get an error message?  Or nothing happens?



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Re: project sharing

04-13-2017 04:09 AM in reply to: ryan.frenz

Also - are you using the Desktop application or browser app?



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Re: project sharing

04-13-2017 04:36 AM in reply to: ryan.frenz


It is the browser app. We are wanting to create view+edit+control for some of our customers so they can add people to the project as they please.  Nothing happens when a user is 'deleted'.  It appears that all the buttons and options that we need exist, but they don't do anything.  



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Re: project sharing

04-13-2017 07:46 AM in reply to: jared.white

Thanks Jared - I can reproduce and have escalated.  Will report back.

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Re: project sharing

04-18-2017 07:54 AM in reply to: jared.white

Hello Jared, 

You found a significant bug, we have pushed out a hotfix to address the problem.
Please try again and let us know if you have any other problems changing permissions.

~ Ian

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Re: project sharing

04-18-2017 08:01 AM in reply to: ian.volkwein

Thanks Ian.  I just checked it, but it is still incorrect.  Now when you change a user from view+edit+control to view or view+edit, it deletes them along with another random user.  It always deletes two users.  

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Re: project sharing

04-20-2017 11:29 AM in reply to: ian.volkwein



Below is some feedback we are getting from our customer... Would it be possible to push out a hot fix relatively quick to address these for our customers?



I have shared all of the ReCap Projects with our team but have a few additional questions on troubleshooting issues noted below.


  1. Managing Collaborators
    1. When I go to share each project under “Manage Collaborators”, it only shows the original people you invited and not any of the other people I recently invited.  This is typical for every project.
    2. Some of our team members permanently deleted the invitation email they received for the projects.  When I invited them again, they did not receive a new invitation email and I can’t remove and re-invite them due to managing collaborators viewing issue noted above.
  2. Preferred Browser
    1. One team member indicated he has tried ½ of the projects and receives an error message that he does not have permission to access the project even though he was included on the invite and received the invitation email.  He is going to try other internet browsers to see if that is the issue.  I have noticed Google Chrome works better for me while Internet Explorer doesn’t work great.
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