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Problem with activation of Recap Trial Version

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04-14-2017 02:08 PM

I started a thread just over a week ago about the problem I've been experiencing with manual stitching - but as no-one from Autodesk has responded for the past week Smiley Sad I tried to work out what the problem was myself.  I'm now thinking that the problem might be that my trial license isn't activating correctly.


About three weeks ago I downloaded the trial version of Recap Pro, mainly to try using the online Photo to 3D function.  It worked fine for a few days - but then the online UI changed and I was no longer able to access the manual stitching function.  Whenever I move the cursor over 'Survey Settings' I get a pop-up message that reads "Subscribe to ReCap 360 to unlock the registration feature, click to know more".  Then when I click on 'survey settings' the Autodesk store homepage ( opens in a new tab in my browser. 


I wonder if the problem is actually with my trial activation - I can't access 'Survey Settings' because Recap doesn't think I currently have a valid subscription.  When I open Recap on my computer, I'm no longer automatically logged in.


Screenshot (4).png


So I click on 'Sign In' - and I'm immediately logged in, without having to enter any details. Although my trial doesn't appear to be active.


Screenshot (5).png


So I click on 'Subscribe' and then 'Start Trial or Activate' and the 'Let's Get Started' pop-up screen appears...


Screenshot (6).png


...and I click on 'start a trial' and the countdown clock appears next to my username, showing how many days of my trial are left.  It looks like I've activated my trial...


Screenshot (7).png


...but when I click on my username and select 'Manage license' this screen appears -


Screenshot (8).png


This seems to be suggesting that my license *isn't* currently activated.  So I click on 'activate' - and Recap shuts down.  When I restart the program I'm back to square one - I'm not logged in and my trial once again doesn't seem to be active.


I'm not sure what's supposed to happen with trial activation, but this doesn't seem to be normal behaviour.  Can someone help me resolve this quickly? My trial subscription has now nearly expired, and because of this problem I haven't been able to test the program features that interested me.



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Re: Problem with activation of Recap Trial Version

04-17-2017 07:32 AM in reply to: stewart.gregg

The screenshots you show seem to imply a properly activated desktop trial.  And the status of your desktop trial should have no impact on access to Manual Stitching anyway.


I will forward this to the relevant team to see if something regressed here.



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Re: Problem with activation of Recap Trial Version

04-18-2017 06:26 AM in reply to: ryan.frenz

Thanks very much Ryan - I appreciate it.

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