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MGA 56 Survey system in Recap 360 Pro does not appear to be working correctly

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04-20-2017 02:02 AM

I have the latest Recap 360 Pro (April 2017) and having issues with assigning survey points to the project. Faro FLS scans included 4 checkerboard targets around a pump station building walls. I have successfully imported, registered and indexed 32 scans with no issues. All functions in Racp appear to work OK including export to E57 etc. I have been given the survey data (E, N and Elev) by the surveyor in Australian MGA-56 zone format. I created a TAB delimited txt file as follows:


2   6938544.174   502873.622   67.427
1   6938550.383   502866.878   67.413
3   6938558.714   502868.886   67.748
4   6938554.351   502874.971   67.533


Units are in meters. The txt format as I understand it needs to be ID, N, E, Elev(Z)


I first go to settings and set Co-ordinate system to "MGA-56" and for viewing set x=E, y=N and z=z.


Then I go to Registration page, find my targets and set them as Survey Points. In dropdown I first choose "Upload Survey Points (.txt) - [Survey format N, E, Elev]" and go find my file and pick it. Then back in dropdown I find the 4 ID numbers and choose the correct one for the checkerboard (1 is my first marker). Repeat this for markers 2 and 4. Marker 3 checkerboard does not get recognised because the Faro scanner photo on that marker was blown out by bright light. All done, I go back to the Project. It does some calcs and then bingo, the whole cloud turns upside down!! OK, bizaar, but if I go to the survey markers in 3D view and point at the centre of a previously selected survey marker, it is NOT correct. Maybe out by 1 meter or so on N or E. When I export upside down cloud to E57 and open in CloudCompare it starts upside down. Even there the co-ordinates are way off being accurate.


Why does the cloud invert? Why are the locations of survey markers so inaccurate?


I need some help please because my customer is relying on me setting the cloud to an accurate survey. I have spent a huge amount of time trying to figure this one. A challenge!!

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