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manual stitching

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04-06-2017 01:01 AM

I started using Recap a couple of weeks ago, and I've been trying to get the hang of the 'photo to 3d' function.  Since the recent changes to the online UI I haven't been able to work out how to access the manual stitching function.  Is it still available?

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Re: manual stitching

04-07-2017 11:57 AM in reply to: stewart.gregg

Hi there,

We did not make any purposeful change to the way the Photo To 3D stitching works with the most recent UI update.
You should still be able to select "Survey Settings" and place points to give the photogrametry engine proper hints.

If you're unable to access this workflow we would be very interested in what you're seeing since it would indicate a problem we are not aware of.

Hopefully this helps, if not please send along what you are seeing and more details on your workflow and expectations.

~ Ian

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Re: manual stitching

04-07-2017 01:51 PM in reply to: ian.volkwein

When I move the cursor over 'Survey Settings' I get a pop-up message that reads "Subscribe to ReCap 360 to unlock the registration feature, click to know more".  Then when I click on 'survey settings' the Autodesk store homepage ( opens in a new tab in my browser. 


I'm not sure how to go about subscribing specifically to Recap360, as it doesn't seem to be available in the Autodesk store.  I'm currently running a free trial of Recap Pro, which has a couple of weeks left to run.  I was able to use the manual stitching function for the first few days of this trial - but then the UI changed and I haven't been able to access manual stitching since.



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Re: manual stitching

04-12-2017 07:04 AM in reply to: ian.volkwein

An addition to my last post - sometimes when I move my cursor over 'Survey Settings' I get a different pop-up message which reads 'wizardregistrationrestrictionentitlement'.


I'd be grateful for any advice or assistance you can give me so that I can access the manual stitching feature again.



Screenshot (2).png





Screenshot (3).png



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