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Long time for change region....

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03-17-2017 02:41 AM



I have a projet with FARO scene import (20 scan) and trueview, my projet size : folder 3.41 GO and rcp 650 Ko


All is ok for import scan, move in scan....


My problem, i have create new region, and i send selection cloud in this region.


I used limit box for my selection, and regions are off.


After this operation the size to folder don't change but rcp have 80.Mo and the time for select new region is 10 min or i have e recap fatal error....


I have testing on different computer and probleme is same......


What is the solution, i don't have add new cloud in projet, only transfert point in region.......



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Re: Long time for change region....

03-20-2017 01:52 PM in reply to: d.cotret

Hi @d.cotret,


There will be some improvements with ReCap in its next update and the way it handles regions, but until then the workaround when creating 5+ regions is to export them as new RCS file and import those files back into ReCap. The performance should get back up once you do that.


This happens when there are close to 10 regions, or the selection for the regions is consistent of complex add/remove selections by using the fence tool.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Long time for change region....

04-13-2017 02:17 AM in reply to: vidanom

Hello thank, i have used this technique before receive your message, but i a a new scan project for a factory, in first time i have cut my scan in 8 part, after i have work in all part for create new region for each equipement add after 1 hours of work problem is same


For me the proble is recap reload all last operation when you start new fonction, is not possible don't save history ?


We don't have this problem with 2015 recap....


Thank for ypur help

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Re: Long time for change region....

04-13-2017 08:56 AM in reply to: d.cotret



I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. ReCap 4.0 has some improvements for selection, creating regions and adding points to regions. 
@yan.fu has some workarounds for further improving the performance of regions -


Re-posting the same here:


"However, we have some small tips on how to improve the performance when editing the projects:

1. Use more regions instead of putting a lot of selections into one region. The performance majorly depends on how many selections you have made instead of how many regions you have. Splitting big regions into smaller ones will help to improve the performance especially when you want to lock / hide that region, i.e. make regions to be locked / hidden contain fewer selections. 

2. Although plane selection is very useful to select points, it scarifies some performance since plane bound can be as big as project bound, which spans more area compared with using rectangle selection with limited bounding box. 

3. Keeping your selection as tight as possible to include only the points you want to select also helps to improve performance.

4. Use clip tool to aid your editing process when you want to temporary hide something."


Hope this helps.





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