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How to synchronize unstructured LAS

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04-05-2017 10:30 PM

I'm using ReCap 4.0 (2018) to prepare LAS data for using this in NavisWorks and InfraWorks.

Now I have a problem with two unstructured LAS files. I want to combine this both to one rcs file.
The problem is that the data is not "overlapping" correctly. There is a difference of around 1m in X and Y.

I have absolutely no idea how to fix that.
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Re: How to synchronize unstructured LAS

04-06-2017 03:41 PM in reply to: Boeckelken

Hi @Boeckelken,


Do you think this misalignment was because of ReCap?

You should be able to move the scans in Navisworsk or Infraworks manually.

Will that work?




Re: How to synchronize unstructured LAS

04-13-2017 02:56 AM in reply to: Boeckelken

Hello @Boeckelken


is there a gap between the scan data when you say "not overlapping"?

Or have identical points different coordinates in both scans?


If it's only a gap between scans you should be able to start a Recap project with the first LAS file. Then add (import) the second LAS file. It will be placed at the correct coordinates.




Karsten Saenger
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