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Grey Screen blues

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04-14-2017 07:40 PM

Hello Recap'ers:  


Are there typical reasons why sometimes you get a blank grey screen after Project Launch?  I have tested a group of (12) twelve scans, most of which register well- with help, all will go through indexing, and then Launch Project results in a grey screen.  Recap controls are visible, but no grid, no model, no data.  Just grey.  However, using a smaller group of (8) eight scans will process, and Launch correctly.  Is there input data file size limit?


I have not seen this issue addressed outside of suggestions for Chrome browser cache cleaning.  Not sure this is related to browser issues.


The (8) eight files that work, are between 200MB and 800MB.  Adding in all (12) twelve .PTX files processes fine until Launch, then I get a grey screen.  I am using 1GB plus .PTX files elsewhere with no problems.  Doesn't seem like a file issue.


Any suggestions or suggestions are much appreciated.





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Re: Grey Screen blues

04-17-2017 07:28 AM in reply to: crarchitect

Hi @crarchitect,


It certainly sounds like an issue w/ one of the scans in the group of 12 (that wasn't in the successful test).  You could experiment with bringing in each scan separately to try to isolate.  If you're successful, it would be great if you could share that file with us.


We've seen this happen in the past when an input file contains some odd points - the extents of the project get crazy and ReCap's camera can become corrupted.



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