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Cleaning is still very slow in V4

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04-11-2017 09:54 AM

Cleaning a point cloud is still painfully slow in Recap V4.  Optimization seems to be VERY cluncky.  We greatly need this to be fixed.  

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Re: Cleaning is still very slow in V4

04-14-2017 08:27 AM in reply to: jared.white

Hi Jared,

I received confirmation from development team on this behavior and they told me that we have not made any changes to cleaning or optimizing functionality in ReCap 4.0. Performance of Optimize depends on the size of the project, number of edits and type of edits on the point cloud. For further investigation please, provide more information such as workflow, size of project, types of edits are being done and etc.. Also, if you can share screen cast of this behavior that would be very helpful.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,

Anil Mistry
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Re: Cleaning is still very slow in V4

04-14-2017 09:29 AM in reply to: anil.mistry


Our projects are usually in the 30-40GB Range pre-unified. 

Our workflow is as follows...

1.   Scan with Leica P40
2.   Import and Register in Cyclone (Because raw P40 scans cannot import into recap)

3.   Export PTG files from Cyclone

4.   Import PTG files and index in Recap

5.   Export the point cloud to Unified RCS

6.   Create a new Recap project, and import Unified RCS from previous export

7.   Clean the point cloud by selecting points and deleting them.  


This is where are main issue is.  After a few points are deleted, the project becomes very difficult to use.  

(optimization is not used because it takes hours)



8.   Export Cleaned and Unified RCS
9.   Create new Recap project, and import Cleaned and Unified RCS

10. Create Regions (Much improved in V4)

11. Export by Region



Re: Cleaning is still very slow in V4

04-18-2017 02:20 AM in reply to: jared.white

Just an Idea,

what if you create Regions first, export those as unified RCS

and then clean up each Region RCS separate ?

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Re: Cleaning is still very slow in V4

04-18-2017 12:58 PM in reply to: jared.white

One minor comment - Steps 6 and 9 are redundant if you choose 'Unified RCP' export (as opposed to RCS).  RCP export is pretty much just making the RCS and attaching it to a new project.



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