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Adding 3rd .rcp unregisters 2nd .rcp

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04-14-2017 09:43 AM

We have a scanned area of 30+ scan locations. Looks good. We'll call that RCP1.

We later added an adjacent scanned area (RCP2) of about 12 scans. We'll call this new scan RCP1&2.

It looks good.

Now we've added a third set of 3 scans (RCP3) importing it into RCP1&2 and doing a manual registration. The registration results looked good as did the preview, but when I picked Launch Project, the new file is jumbled up. It looks like RCP1, RCP2, and RCP3 all are haphazardly thrown together ignoring the manual registrations. It's hard to tell, but I think each RCP group is still okay within itself.

We've gone through this twice now with the same results and it's very frustrating because it takes half a day to do all this just to end up with a jumbled mess. Are we doing something wrong or does ReCap just not do this well?

We are on the latest version.

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Re: Adding 3rd .rcp unregisters 2nd .rcp

04-14-2017 01:47 PM in reply to: hardin

Here are some screen shots of the jumbled scans after trying this again.

After I selected three matching points in two scans from two groups everything looked good in the preview.

I was afraid to Launch Project due to what was showing up in blue on the first image.

Clearly a group of scans is rotated.

The second image is what I ended up with after Indexing Scans.

I wasted another three hours....

(Isn't there something they say about the definition of insanity?)

I wonder if it has to do with reoriented coordinate systems within ReCap.





Re: Adding 3rd .rcp unregisters 2nd .rcp

04-18-2017 06:47 AM in reply to: hardin
Hi, start a new Project. Import the RCS files (not the RCP projects) and skip registration. After that, use save as to save the whole project onto another drive. otherhwise the RCS files will not be copied into the support folder of the new project.
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Re: Adding 3rd .rcp unregisters 2nd .rcp

04-18-2017 06:53 AM in reply to: Patrick_Aps_9121
Thanks for the tip.
So, we import the .rcs files from the Support folder of the .rcp project?
I'll give that a shot next time.
For now, we just dragged in all 80+ of the raw scans (.fls folders) from the 5 different scan projects (same area) and re-registered, indexed, etc.
It made 14 groups (ugh) but they were pretty easy to fit together.
It all ended up working pretty good.
I would have rather been able to join up the individual .rcp files since we had already removed points and cleaned them up a bit.
It may be a while before I can actually try this suggestion.
Thanks again.

Re: Adding 3rd .rcp unregisters 2nd .rcp

04-18-2017 11:56 PM in reply to: hardin


just import the RCS files of other projects into a new Project. The files import very fast as they are already converted and indexed. Recap does not copy over the RCS files so it really is super-fast in comparison of starting over with the FLS files again. The only disadvantage is that they stay in their original location (the support folder of the old project).

So your new project has a support folder, but not all needed resources are there.

The way to bring everything together in a final step is by using save as to place the new project onto another drive. I'ts your choise if you do that by unifying or not.

Then Recaps starts copying the support files.

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