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What’s on Your ReCap Wish List?

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, lots of you may be working on your holiday wish lists. Did you know you can do the same for ReCap features?


Like many Autodesk software products, ReCap has an online “IdeaStation” located on its product forum page (the ReCap Ideas Board) where you can post your own ideas for future product functionality and see, comment or vote on product ideas submitted from other forum members. This site is monitored and moderated by Autodesk’s ReCap product development team.


When posting a product suggestion, you can classify your idea using categories and tags that allow targeted browsing and searching of ideas. After an idea is posted, other members can support it by clicking on the ‘thumbs up’ icon, and also add a comment to the idea.




As more users like an idea, its status can change from Gathering Support to Under Review, which indicates that the idea is being reviewed by the ReCap development team. If the idea is accepted for development, it will progress through the Accepted and Implemented stages. Alternatively, it might be classified for Future Consideration. Whenever an idea’s status is changed, the person who originally posted the idea as well as all the members who gave it a thumbs up vote will be automatically notified.


Many of the comments under the ideas are from other members providing workarounds for missing functionality that may help you in the short term. And if you inadvertently post an idea for a new feature but the functionality already exists somewhere in ReCap, the development team will add a comment alerting you to the existing functionality and how to use it.


If you’re wondering whether Autodesk really ever does anything with these suggestions, please note that over 30 percent of all the ideas posted to date have been implemented in the current ReCap product and many more are planned for future versions. The graph below shows the implementation rate for the last 12 months. 


ReCap 360 Ideas Implemented.JPG


So … ‘tis the season to check out the ReCap Ideas Board and add your own ideas!

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