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Leading UAS solution, Site Scan, leverages the next generation of ReCap engine

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As we know, UAVs have become an increasingly popular tool for virtual design in constructionengineering, and surveying to capture existing conditions, monitor progress, and drive day to day decisions on-site. Over the past two years, 3D Robotics have developed a premier software solution for aerial data aggregation via the Autodesk Forge platform to deliver the most accurate UAS tool for AEC. This week, 3DR and Autodesk are proud to announce the next generation of ReCap photogrammetry engine, available now to Site Scan customers.


Now process 500 photos

Site Scan customers can now process up to 500 images-double the previous limit. This enables the generation of orthomosaics much larger than was previously possible, and the integration of more oblique images for enhanced detail on vertical surfaces.  


80% faster

Site Scan customers can get their results 80% faster than before. Improvements to code and server architecture mean no job will take longer than 8 hours to process and typically processing completes in an hour or two.


Optimized for orthomosaics

When the 3DR team released Site Scan with the 20MP Sony UMC-R10C camera, they knew they needed the best possible photogrammetry engine to deliver actionable intelligence to the work site. Having focused on perfecting the 3D model of buildings and built objects, the ReCap team turned their attention to the 2D orthomosaic, which is at the core of the 3DR aerial BIM tool. The team-wide initiative led to the next generation of ReCap, designed specifically for the orthomosaic while maintaining the same level of model quality and accuracy as previously achieved. The result is that Site Scan users will see noticeably improved resolution and quality (see below).


Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 1.50.26 PM.png


Improvements like optimizing images for orthomosaics are essential for Site Scan users who plan to overlay their BIM and CAD models on top of the data they’ve collected from their UAS. Any issues with construction identified in the morning can be fixed, documented, or a change order can be created by the end of the day. Other improvements that are launching include an option for viewing the orthomosaic in Site Scan Manager, the web viewer.


Interested in using UAV technology at your company? Want to hear more about Site Scan? Reach out to the team at

By: Community Visitor fintan6NBQ5
| Posted ‎12-31-2016 11:41 AM

 3DR have a really fantastic product in this Site Scan and they are doing a great job adding new features. I hope it becomes the market leader.  The sector for orthomosaics, photogrammetry, DEMS and 3D imaging is absolutely massive.  Well done to 3DR here.

By: Community Visitor survey.drone
| Posted ‎02-22-2017 06:12 AM

using it direct with 3DR US.. No sales man in between...Loving it so far


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