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Where to download prior versions of Civil 3D (older than the last 4 versions)

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Where to download prior versions of Civil 3D (older than the last 4 versions)

Hi, we have converted all of our standalone licenses to subscription based. I have a few users that still prefer C3D 2015 due to the change of interface and the lack of time to learn something new (that is their excuse). The problem is, when I was recently upgrading a user to a new PC, I could only find C3D 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019 available for download. Are we no longer allowed to install any version beyond the last 4 years? If we are allowed, how do I get a copy of 2015 to install on their PC?


Thanks, Jim

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you don't 2015 is not available anymore also doesn't fall into the previous version entitlement

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Your entitled previous versions are listed in your Accounts page:

Beyond that you will need to tap support over there to inquire, you'll need to make a dang good case for it, I will tell you "prefer to use" is not going to fly.

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