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waisted $1000.00 on ACAD2014

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waisted $1000.00 on ACAD2014

I still can't believe I cannot transfer my stand alone software to a new computer.  Had I known this was a possibility I might not have bought 2 copies.  Really disappointed in Autocad. 

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in reply to: TopCat0656

That's cheap, look at the price of Autocad today.

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Sadly, there is no substitution for research/asking others before spending money, plenty of us would have warned you against it if you never stumbled across that warning online in posts.

Hope your bank/card issuer can help recover some of your funds since you basically got conned.

Good luck.
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in reply to: TopCat0656

Even if you can install it, would it work under the new computer's operating system?  Just as you probably can't install Acad2023 on the computer you first put Acad2014 on?  If that's the issue, we would be more disappointed in AutoCAD if they didn't tailor new versions to take advantage of the possibilities in newer operating systems.  That also means at some point older versions won't work under a newer OS.  At least they have kept backward compatibility in drawing file formats -- you can always open an older-format .DWG file with a newer version of the program [so far].

Kent Cooper, AIA
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in reply to: pendean

I bought two licenses in 2014. Back i didn think software would be obsolete in 6-8 years
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in reply to: TopCat0656

Get a machine going with a supported OS and you may have a chance.


Drafting is a breeze and Revit doesn't always work the way you think it should.
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in reply to: TopCat0656

@TopCat0656 Ah, got it: this is a legacy purchase. Get a refund on your new PC then. Old PC is good to use forever.
Perpetual licensing from Autodesk allows you to use your old software on old PCs forever and ever, but no new PCs are options. It's buried in legal lingo in your licensing agreements etc.

Let's move your post to a forum with more posts like this, there are tips over there that might help.

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