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Transfering 2014 Perpetual License To New Computer

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Transfering 2014 Perpetual License To New Computer

 Hello, simple question. I have 3DS Max 2014 activated on an underpowered laptop and want to transfer it to my desktop to preserve it in case it fails after Autodesk disabled activation. Has anyone had any luck using the license transfer utility for these older software?


 Or will it just throw up it arms in defeat or send my license into the ether to never be seen again?



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in reply to: Saulkar

@Saulkar wrote:

...Has anyone had any luck using the license transfer utility for these older software..

It works for many, it fails for some: a new PC running a modern OS that is not listed as an approved OS for your software's year version increases the odds for failure though (unless you are one of the lucky few that get to enjoy some time in the new OS before a patch to the OS bricks it all up).


Best Wishes.





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in reply to: Saulkar

You can try using the license transfer utility but no guarantee that will work

Otherwise install the software as usual if the machine meets the system requirements for that version then you will have to contact Autodesk directly to get an Activation code

You can try contacting Autodesk here:

No guarantee they will give you an activation code for an old version or get in touch with your reseller

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in reply to: pendean

This reminds me that I need to airgap said PC so that it can never update once I get all of my software installed, licensed, and backed up.


 Since there is the possibility of failure I am gonna contact autodesk first to see if I can get an offline activation, if not then I will try and baby said laptop, maybe send it into Eurocom for a refurbishment.


 Thanks for the replies.

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in reply to: Saulkar

 They said no and to get my 11 year old laptop upgraded and refurbished would be over a grand so I am stuck contemplating attempting the license transfer.



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