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Problems to star AUTOCAD LT 2014 ON WINDOWS 10

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Problems to star AUTOCAD LT 2014 ON WINDOWS 10

Hello , im having problems to start AUTOCAD LT 2014 on windows.


I execute the program and freezes on the loading screen.


I tryed to:

I was working with AUTOCAD and one day it started freezing at the loading screen.





Does anyone have any fix for this?




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in reply to: it_dept_keh

Google Search has plenty of answers
Autodesk, in the first link in the search pattern above, offered this tip...

BUT... Autodesk stopped automatic reauthorization of 2014 and older software a few months ago: so you may well have bigger issues either way.

Be ready for that last statement either way.
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in reply to: pendean

Hello, and thanks for the response.

All the solutions that appear on google or at te link you post don't work for me.

As i said we have a procediment which allows us to install Autodesk 2014 by editing the register.

I'd like to get another solution to this problem.


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in reply to: pendean

Sono cliente autodesk dal 1995.....sono veramente nauseato dal comportamento di autodesk
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Capisco che Autodesk non voglia più dare assistenza per vecchie release di AutoCAD lt ma per onestà e rispetto di chi ha pagato per avere un software con licenza Autodesk dovrebbe (DEVE! in quanto di contratto) dare un codice di attivazione perenne personalizzato per continuare ad utilizzare il software.

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Mi sto informando presso studi legali di associazioni di consumatori se il comportamento di Autodesk è legale e rispettoso del contratto di acquisto.
Per il prossimo futuro mi riservo di rivalermi legalmente nei confronti di Autodesk valutando i danni professionali causati dal comportamento di Autodesk.

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