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Perpetual license is no longer perpetual

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Perpetual license is no longer perpetual


I have Autocad 2002 box version with perpetual license. It is no longer used proffesionally but from time to time I need to use it. Recently my older computer with ACad installed on it had to be repaired. After the service I can not run my ACad, my old activation code is not working. I just found that in 2019 autodesk announced that version 2010 and older can not be activated anymore. What the h.ll !? When I bought your program back then with perpetual licence nobody told that by perpetual you not exactly mean what perpetual means. You took my money with ease. This is not right. Back then in 2002 not everyone could afford full perpetual license and it was worth some real $$$. I bought it convinced that after all I will be able to  use it after my retirement.  Is there any chance I can activate it now?

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in reply to: Anonymous

There are tons of people over in the Previous Version Support forum that share your opinion.


@Anonymous wrote:

When I bought your program back then with perpetual licence nobody told that by perpetual you not exactly mean what perpetual means.


Obviously, it does not mean what you think it means. A lot of people think that it means permanent. Although they are synonyms on the surface, there are big differences when you get into the deeper meaning. In order for something to be perpetual, there is a set of conditions that have to be in place for that perpetuity to continue. If any of the those conditions cease, the perpetuity will probably end. Something that is permanent will stay in place despite conditions that may be detrimental to its existence. The state of being perpetual is a fragile condition. Something that is permanent will remain despite conditions that would seem to be detrimental to it's existence. They do not mean the same thing.


Your computer changed enough to require reactivation, thus ending the perpetuity.  Until recently, Autodesk has generated activation codes to restart that perpetuity. You could still be using the program if you didn't need a new activation code. If the computer that had the problems still had the older OS and you were able to retain that OS after the repair, you might have a leg to stand on and should contact Autodesk directly instead of posting your frustrations on a user help forum where no one can help you.


With that said, since you are not using it often and it is for non-commercial purposes, you do get one free month a year and with the desktop subscription you can use the latest and greatest at a reasonable price much better than dumping a huge amount on purchasing. I think it's great for intermittent use. If it's too much to ask, there are cheaper and even free alternatives to AutoCAD.


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That's probably the best response I've seen to this @RobDraw.

Another thing to note is that the software used to generate the license codes for older software is becoming archaic and stopped being supported to whoever made it which lead to this.

Leo Warren
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Buongiorno. Ho una licenza permanente relativa a revit 2009. Cosa posso fare per aggiornare la versione che ho senza pagare il canone mensile, visto che ho una licenza permanente pagata moltissimo all'epoca?



Aldo Donatore

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This has been answered multiple times

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