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Need Activation Code for AutoCAD 2013 (full version)

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Need Activation Code for AutoCAD 2013 (full version)

I am having an issue activating AutoCAD 2013.  I have the serial number, product key, and a request code.  But when I try to activate it I continue to get an error (says "incorrect serial number").  Is there a way to get an activation code generated here in order to activate my product?

Thank you!

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in reply to: amymuckin

For 2013 you won't get a code from Autodesk - it's discontinued a long time ago? If you installed AutoCAD on a new machine and still have the old one around, you could use the License Export utility to export the license off of the old one to the new machine.

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in reply to: Simon_Weel

I know support for 2013 has been discontinued, but are you saying this product can no longer be used on an older version of Windows as a stand alone?  

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in reply to: amymuckin

You can use it as long as you like. But if you move on to a new computer, you have to move the license as well, using the License Transfer utility. If you no longer have access to the old, licensed, installation, you're out of luck - Autodesk won't supply you a new activation code. It's not fair, I know, but that's the way they work. Autodesk want's you to subscribe, so you can use the latest and greatest. At a price.

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I have the same issue where I cannot activate my Autodesk Design Suite Premium 2013. But what if I use a key-gen like XForce for 2013 products to generate the request code offline. I will use my genuine serial key and product key on the back of my DVD's box to generate the request code. Then, Xforce shall generate the code for me (the same as Autodesk would have) . I am no legal expert etc , but I know companies do provide Key-gens to genuinely activate their products. Sounds pretty fair if you ask me . What do you think ?
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in reply to: yusufahmaddomun

Laws vary from country to country. What you are describing may be legal. You need to check your laws, read the EULA very carefully, and hope that it actually works. It's probably best to consult with a lawyer and not rely on a user forum.


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i need ativation code

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