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My autoDesk\autocad2005\r16.1\enu

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My autoDesk\autocad2005\r16.1\enu

AutoCad 2005\Ri6.1\file got screwed up somehow now the program cant find it. One day on Monday of this week AutoCad 2005 could not find file AutoCad2005\R16.1\enu. Some commands do not work now.  Prior to Monday every thing worked just fine.  What do I need to do with that file being missing.  I searched my C: drive - not there.  Tried looking for the file in my program CD and was unable to find it.  Where can I find that file first and what directory did it come from.  Thank You to the forum to help me with this.


Tom Redington


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perhaps your windows login profile got corrupted. try signing in to windows as administrator or a different user to see if that fixes it.

Paul Li
IT Specialist
@The Office
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