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Inventor LT 2014 Perpetual Licence

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Inventor LT 2014 Perpetual Licence

I bought and loaded Inventor LT 2014 onto my work laptop (In 2014) - subsequently I downloaded Fusion 360.  For some reason this action started to interfere with the operation of Inventor LT  taking me six or seven goes to get it to open.

Some years later when I was teaching I made use of the educational licence at home and at my place of work.

My time teaching has now concluded - educational licence expired and retirement started.


I am thinking that I will probably move towards Fusion 360 on a MAC sometime in the future.


I have tried to uninstall Fusion 360 from my Laptop but its not playing.


If I reformat the drive can I download a fresh copy of Inventor LT 2014?


At the moment all my computers are running windows 7 as I have several other aged programs that still work fine on their perpetual licences.


Kind regards




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in reply to: 110_turner

Where would you download that InventorLT2014 from exactly? Autodesk is not hosting that anymore AFAIK.

There are many tips and solutions posted all over the web on how to force uninstall a software, help yourself, I'll get you started here

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in reply to: pendean

Ok thankyou will give that a go




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