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Installing AutoCAD 2000 on Windows 10

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Installing AutoCAD 2000 on Windows 10

My company recently upgraded to Windows 7 and 10. I cannot get AutoCAD 2000 to install on the Windows 10 machine. Is there any easy solution for this problem that isn't going to cost our company a lot of money for an upgrade?

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Hello frankTG22V and welcome to the Autodesk community!

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Welcome to the community..


AutoCAD 2000 is not supported to run under Windows 10 and most likely you will have to go this route in order for it to work.  Also AutoCAD 2000 was released 17 years ago..  Did you assume a 17 yr old application was just going to run on a new operating system?  Did anybody test drive this before going to Windows 10?

Mark Lancaster

  &  Autodesk Services MarketPlace Provider

Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional & not an Autodesk Employee

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Hello. This is a really old install. This is 18 years out of development and the operating system it was designed for was discontinued by Microsoft some time ago.  If you could get it installed, I imagine you would have difficulty activating it as well. We support the current version and three back, so this is really pretty far outside what we normally see.


Is it possible that it could work on Windows 10? It is possible, if you have the install media, I suppose, but there is 18 years of development from the Operating System through the Antivirus you have to contend with.


You may want to install a trial of the current  AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT to give the current version a spin. You will see how much the program has grown.


Thanks for posting,

David Dembkoski
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in reply to: dembkod

For me, could never get Windows 95 to work, one crash after another, 98SE finally got it right, but this was four years after 98 was introduced.  2000, Mellium, and Vista were bad jokes.  Took them about four years to get XP working with service pack 3, AutoCad 2000 ran well and still had a parallel port for my plotter with the correct drivers.


But sure a down turn with 98SE, could run both my DOS and Windows programs on it, but completely worthless on the internet today.  Windows 7, is kind of okay, runs most of my old software with Microsoft compatibility.  Manage to run AutoCad 2000 on it, by installing it directly off my old hard drive, but have to hit of all things, acl1st15.dll to open it.  Copied the Autodesk Shared directory to the Program x86 Common directory,  leaving off other details, did not take notes, not even sure how I got here.


Windows 7 is bearable on the internet, Windows 8, another bad joke, do have 10 on my laptop, but with all this new protection stuff, quicker to send smoke signals.


Just went back to my old 98SE box, and deleted all the browsers and anti virus from it, don't even plug it in, works great with my plotter.  If I have to email a *.dwg it still has a floppy, do have an IBM floppy that works just fine with a USB plug on it.  One other change, works perfectly fine with a hundred buck LED monitor.  Still have my 21 inch Viewsonic, but getting old, almost breaks my back when I try to lift it.


Don't blame Autodesk, blame Microsoft, often made the comment, if Microsoft paid me 25 bucks an hour for all the problems I had with them, I would be the billionaire, not them.


Ha, the real solution to using a 17 year old program is to use a 17 year old computer.


That 7,500 buck HP 7575A plotter still works fine, but don't try to plug this thing into a USB port.    With inflation, would cost about $15,000.00 today.


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People - The longbow solution is best. I have AutoCAD 2000 running perfectly on Windows 10 64bit, with my old serial number. This is how to do it, tested working 100% - Installing AutoCAD 2000 on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10


Also, here's how to get AutoCAD LT95 running (same site) - Installing AutoCAD for Windows 95 (LT95) on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1


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in reply to: tomhurns

How is Acad 2000 running on Windows 10?  Stepson is stuck in a socialistic country, professional architect, running so slow,taking him hours to get anything done.  I am retired now, 79 years old, but had several computers on a LAN.  


Since they have to change the technology every five minutes, just had the latest and greatest computer just to get on the net, others were off the net, good way to get hacked.  Either a floppy, Zip drive, CD, or a USB stick to transfer files to the online computer, with a response, do a virus check first from the online computer before transferring it to the LAN computers.


Can't even count the number of computers I purchased for the land fill, are they any better?  Different is more like it, for some reason, I cannot pitch a 386 with a co-possessor That I laid out $5,000.00 for, like $12,000.00 today.  Runs Acad 2 that came on four floppy disks.  Primary work was in automotive electronics, had to memorize all the commands, leave Acad to store blocks, and memorize all those DOS commands to restore them.


But it was fast, sure isn't fast today.


Trying to guess what longbow is doing, guessing just taking files from older versions of Windows.  2000 was really fast on Windows 98SE, but terrible on Windows 10.  What is best is what is best for you.  HP plotter is sure gathering dust, entire circuit was on a plot.  Then had to break it up in standard letter size prints so they can be emailed.  Progress?


10 keeps on telling me to buy new software, lot of it is not even available anymore, still works, still good.  Wonder why we the people put up with this.

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Dear all I recently installed Autocad2000, Autocad 2000 Migration Assistant, Autocad 2000 Learning Assistant (all help files and video's are functional)  using Longbow Software from   The Longbow software installs Autocad 2000 which is completely functional in Windows 10 version 2020 including express tools and other Autocad 2000 updates needed.  Longbow's software works very well.  Windows 10 removed ability to open the old help files, I had to replace the windows 10  "winhlp32.exe" to get the help system to work, this was a bit involved but can be done via



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Hello! I have also recently upgraded my office to Windows 10 and was having the same issues. What was recommended to me was a program called Longbow. Basically what it does is trick Windows 10 into running 32bit AutoCAD 2000 on new 64bit machines. I can not speak highly enough of Longbow. Their program works flawlessly, and their customer support team is outstanding. They helped me with problems I had when installing and were very prompt, courteous, and friendly when responding to me. They even gave me a phone call and remoted into my computer (with permission of course) when I had issues to fix my problems, all while explaining to me what they were doing so I could replicate it in the future. Give Longbow a shot. I guarantee you won't regret it. Also, here is a link to their website with an article on how to install it. Good luck!

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I have existing installation on AUTOCAD200  on my XP Desktop and after it broke I was able to access old Hard drive using hard drive reader from amazon $20 and copy AUTOCAD2000 files from XP hard drive to my Windows 10 Laptop. I follow these easy steps:

1. Copy folder from existing XP  PC hard drive  C:\Program Files\ACAD2000 to new W10  C:\Program Files (x86)\ACAD2000 

 2. Copy all files from existing XP  PC hard drive  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared folder to new W10  C:\Program Files (x86)\ACAD2000  as loose files ( no need to create Autodesk Shared folder).

3. Double click C:\Program Files (x86)\ACAD2000\acad.exe on W10, you may see some error but ignore it, it will run with no errors next time.

4. No need to pay for The longbow solution.

If you do not have access to existing install on XP PC, but you have a disc, you can follow the steps from this forum link:

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I just bought a dell 8960 windows 11 with ddr5 memory and all the fast gadgets. I had acad lt 2000 on my last computer which was windows 7 upgraded to windows 10. Didn't want to pay over $150.00 for the software that I used to put it on windows 7, so I tried replacing the setup file with a setup32 file and guess what? All I had to do after the install was to copy a few dll files to the acad directory and it works just like it did back in the XP days.

I think the instructions are somewhere in this blog

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They are here:

I recently followed the steps of eatvitaminc and installed ACAD2000 on a windows10 64 bit system, and have had no issues.

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