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Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 2018

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Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 2018

I have a permanent license for Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 2018 which is no longer in my Product listing with all of it's components.  In fact none of the products I have purchased from Autodesk since 2012 is in my history.


Anyone know what's going on?



Autocad user since 1985.



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in reply to: mike.monical

Wrong login? That's usually the #1 reason. But if Autodesk pulled it, not much you can do about it today.

But I can see old licenses going back to 2011 on my page here

That page also has an automated help you can inquire with



OR... find a reseller or three in your region for guidance and help: you'll probably have to compensate them for their time as they don't owe you anything unfortunately



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in reply to: pendean

Not the wrong login.  Been using it for years or maybe decades..  I suspect the issue is I have no current subscription products (as of Feb 2023) and their announcement was that Products older than 4 years will not have access anymore.  Probably just a way to pressure users to purchase more subscriptions.  I would be curious if you can actually download and of the old program installation sets if you have any permanent licenses.


But I got an answer from the case I opened and it sounds like I will get access once they send me the right files.



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