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I want to buy Autocad 2014 because of the compatibility of program

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I want to buy Autocad 2014 because of the compatibility of program

Can I buy the Autocad 2014?

I have to use Autocad 2014 for the compatibility of program. This program is supported from versions 2014 and earlier.

Please let me know the method to use Autocad 2014

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in reply to: tpgh0826

You won't be able to buy Acad2014.  But you can draw things in any newer version, and SAVEAS them back to earlier formats for compatibility.   Or you can use the free DWG TrueView program to convert newer-format drawings to earlier formats.  [You may lose certain things or some properties of things made with newer features of the software that are not part of the older version.]

Kent Cooper, AIA
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in reply to: tpgh0826

That old version has not been sold for almost a decade. Autodesk only sells the latest version 2024 and that’s based on a subscription pricing structure:

But once you’re on subscription then you can have access to 5 versions back which would bring it as far back as 2019. Any versions older than that would require you to contact Autodesk directly. 

Paul Li
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