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How can I download autocad 2012 student version?

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How can I download autocad 2012 student version?

Hi guys, I am a university student. I only find autocad 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 with one year free educational access in this site. But I need Autocad 2012 student version because my PC's graphics card is not compatible for using latest autocad versions. So how can I get Autocad 2012 stu. ver. with one year free educational access?

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in reply to: sbdibya98

2012 as student license doesn't make sense. Supporting Students is good  for our future, but not with museum software.


You will not get a 2012 student license.

Tell us the Name/Type of your mainboard and your graphic card,

perhaps one of our community send you a better graphic card.

- Sebastian -
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in reply to: sbdibya98

There is no ability to get old software for EDU licensing. Sorry, you are about 10-years too late.

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