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Hey all. I have a question about AutoCAD LT 2000i.

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Hey all. I have a question about AutoCAD LT 2000i.

Hey. I am completely unknowledgeable about CAD software. I apologize if this isn't a proper question or the correct place to pose my query.

I am attempting to sell an open box copy of AutoCAD LT 2000i online. Will the buyer encounter any issues with key codes/serial numbers or installation in general? I am assuming the software has already been used once by the original owner, so basically I am attempting to find out if I can resell this item or if it is not useable for a second user.

Thanks so much!

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in reply to: gorakwedi31

The short answer is... what you have is worthless. Autodesk does not allow software transfers*


* The longer answer is depending on what country you are in, and what version of the software this is (I know you stated 2000i), and other factors, it *may* work by either bypassing the security, or by the fact that it won't ask for an activation. Legal? That is up to you.


But suppose the sale/transfer of license is legal where you are; there is no chance that Autodesk is going to provide an activation code for 23 year old software. So why take the chance to make your buyer mad by selling him something that almost certainly won't work?



R.K. McSwain     | CADpanacea | on twitter
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in reply to: gorakwedi31

@gorakwedi31 a much simpler answer: Autodesk no longer authorizes (aka activates) software older than 2014 versions anymore. For anyone.

So your buyer will get 30-days of use out of it, then die, and they will hunt you down for robbing them 😉


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