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Have an original licensed dvd and box for AutoCad 2009 LT

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Have an original licensed dvd and box for AutoCad 2009 LT

Tried to install this version of 2009 AutoCad Lt on my Lenovo laptop that is running current version of Win 10 and it wouldn't install.   I Thought To Myself......what a wonderful nice try that was.  I believe when I bought this, it was back in 2009 when Windows was Vista and covered wagons were still the popular mode of transportation.   Will this version still run on windows computers still running version Vista and Seven?  And if it does, can I sell it to someone and transfer license?            Thank You Very Much๐Ÿ˜€

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in reply to: smemmott

nope you canโ€™t sell or transfer to anyone

Autodesk has cut off activations for versions this old

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in reply to: smemmott

>>> wouldn't install...<<<
What does that mean to the rest of us? Be detailed like you really want help ๐Ÿ˜‰

>>>...Will this version still run on windows computers...<<<
Google Search shows posts that say yes to your "run" need, what did you try? Look here then here and here


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