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Getting AutoCAD Architecture 2013 to run window 10 os?

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Getting AutoCAD Architecture 2013 to run window 10 os?

I believe that I have addressed the major glitches. Just tried plotting and ACA just shut down? reopened and for the umpteen time recovered the files, I was working on? 


Does anyone have some insight?

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in reply to: info

First read this

Then ensure you have all the ACA2013 updates installed


if you are still having issues the try these tips How to Make Old Programs Work on Windows 10

and FIX: AutoCad not Working in Windows 10


If none of the above work, your printer/plotter driver is not compatible with the new setup, go find alternates.

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Thank you to everyone that replied and provided insight and suggestions. I am up and running everything is stable and working as expected.

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