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Excess material libraries and AutoCAD apps

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Excess material libraries and AutoCAD apps

I am new to AutoCAD and have updated my version twice. I am looking to install AutoCAD 2024. Now I have many material libraries and apps on my PC. Can I delete those? Do they reinstall with the latest version? The other apps are AutoCAD genuine service, AutoCAD featured apps, and MANY, MANY, material libraries. I assumed they all uninstalled with the previous version. Do I need to keep all of these on my device??

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If you remove a version of AutoCAD, then most of the stuff that came with it is removed. The Material Libraries can be used by other programs as well, so they will stay. If you're sure you don't need them / not used by other programs, you can remove them. Same thing for most of the other stuff. But there are some programs you better leave alone, like the Genuine Service, Identity Manager, License Service and Single Sign On.

If there's no pressing need to remove any of this, then I would leave it as is. Also - when installing updates, a lot of the removed programs could reappear...

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