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Can I load Land Desktop 2008 on a 64BIT OS?

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Can I load Land Desktop 2008 on a 64BIT OS?

I recently purchased a 64BIT DELL Laptop with Windows 7.  My reseller told me that I would be able to run Land Desktop Companion 2008 on this system.  I try running setup on the CD or the adminimage I created on the network and I get the following error: 


"This is 32-Bit AutoCAD Civil 3D Lan Desktop Companion 2008. It can not be installed on 64 Bit Windows"


My AutoCAD software is in the subscription plan so I am wondering if there is a 64 bit version of Civil 2008 that I can download or if my reseller should send me a disk.


I have Civil 3D 2011 but I need to run 2008 also (don't ask). I have 2 weeks to return the laptop to DELL if I can not run V2008 on a 64 Bit system.


Any suggestions would help.


Steve D. - CAD/IT Manager, Chester Valley Engineers

DELL Precision M4500, 2.67GHz, 4 GB RAM, 64 Bit O.S., Windows 7

Running both Civil 3D 2011 and Land Desktop Companion 2008

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in reply to: sdow

You can't install it in 64bit. Explore the topic in the Civil3D Discussion area:


Why not just knock Win7 down to 32bit if you need 2008 so badly?

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in reply to: sdow

My employer is dragging their feet about the switch to Civil 3D due to ecenomic reasons.  I really want to stay with the 64BIT but if 32BIT is the only solution for AutoCAD V2008 so so be it. 


I did not know you can revert to 32BIT?  I assume this will require a complete reformat of the computer.  If it comes down to it I'll call dell and see if they can send me a 32BIT CD rather than sending the entire laptop back in to them.


The problem here lies with my AutoCAD reseller.  I contacted them with this exact question prior to purcahseing this 64BIT laptop. They assured me that my 32BIT V2008 would run just fine.   Not happy with reseller...


Thanks for the reply.


S Dow

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in reply to: sdow

Which version of Win 7 are you using?  If you have Pro or Ultimate, you can load LDC in a XP emulation mode.  If you have any of the home versions, it won't go.


Mine installed just fine and runs good.


I know it's hard right now to thnk about C3d, but believe me, very soon you'll be so far out of the loop with sharing data you'll be unable to compete.



Homebuilt box: I5-2500k, MSI P67A-GD65, 12gig DDR3 1600 ram, ASUS ENGTX460 Video card, WD Velociraptor WD4500HLHX HD, Win 7 64 pro.
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in reply to: OMCUSNR

why, sharing data from LDT to C3D is actually easier than between C3D versions.

C3D is about the least frindly to sharing of any cad software I can think of.

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I'm just here for the Shelties

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in reply to: OMCUSNR

also, two companies I know of have had bad luck running 2009 on win 7 32 bit.

There is something that causes hard lockups of the whole computer on open and save commands.

I have had excellent luck on win 7 64 bit though, it runs 32 bit acad better than xp.


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I'm just here for the Shelties

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in reply to: sdow

OK I have Land Desktop Companion 2008 32BIT running on my Win7U 64Bit laptop YEAH!!!  I wanted to run it for a couple days before I posted a reply.


Long story short, most 32BIT programs will run on a 64BIT computer but NOT vis-versa.


The Install problem I was having is that the CD and hense the deployment image I made from the CD contain a few lines of code that prevent loading the program on a 64BIT O.S.  I was able to modify the code in the deployment image using a free program I found on the internet called "Orca".  After removing the problematic lines of code the program loaded fine on my 64BIT computer. Also, I had to modify the shortcut on my desktop to run the program in "XP Mode".


I have been using the program long enough now that I can confidently say LDC2008 WILL run on a 64 BIT O.S.


Thanks for your replies they pointed me in the right direction.


S. Dow

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in reply to: sdow

cool. Only odd thing I have noticed on win 7 64 is the lisp function "getfiledia" behaves wierd.

You have to select files twice or it gets the wrong file.

Only affects those with lisp routines, but something to watch for.


one thintg i am not understanding yet is how LDT works on 64 bit.  I heard the jet database engine would not be available, yet it reads the mdb files just fine.

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I'm just here for the Shelties

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in reply to: sdow

Could you please tell wich lines did you delete. I canot fid out how to do it by myself. Thanks

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in reply to: danielfe

I looked at the MSI deployment image to see if I could remember which lines of code to remove and I do not remember.  My AutoCAD reseller helped me out with this during a remote session.  They had the controls of my computer and modified the code themselved so I do not remember exactly weher the problematic code is.  I can say it has to be done to the deployment image MSI file.


Good Luck



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in reply to: sdow

Thanks for your reply I'll keep trying

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in reply to: sdow

hi. if you are still around, can you tell me how to load land desktop 2008 on windows 10? having a hard time to get orca.exe and need some help.



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