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Broken License LT 2008

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Broken License LT 2008

On 03/08/2021 I transferred my Autocad program to my new HP workstation using the Portable License Utility.

On 03/09/2021 the program worked without problems, some days later the program does not start, the Portable License Utility says the license is broken. The license cannot be transferred again from my old machine. It is also impossible to return the license to my old HP workstation.

The Portable License Utility effectively thrashed the property I bought and paid for.

It took Autodesk support 43 days to finally find a solution to repair the hair-triggered activation scheme of Autocad LT.

The solution worked all right for 11 days, then it failed again.

Support had some suggestions but failed to find a solution for the problem. Since a couple of days they do not even answer my mail.

Does anyone know a solution?

 Ir A. van der Zwan

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Open a ticket with the Licensing support and confirm your options for sure here

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