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Autodesk Civil 3D 2003: How to dock and lock the command line?

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Autodesk Civil 3D 2003: How to dock and lock the command line?

How to dock and lock the command line?




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Hi @ghernandezJPLSS !

Is it really 2003? Well, try to drag the command line to where you want it. Then, use the command "LOCKUI" and press "2" to lock the position. Like this:

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Matheus Lima
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Civil 3D didn't exist until 2005, so your probably using Land Desktop and while that should be easy to achieve, you'd probably need to be running Windows XP or one of its variants before 7. If you're running one of those platforms, and it's from 2003, I do believe that's a few to many years and beers for me to help. Sorry.

Rick Jackson
Survey CAD Technician VI

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in reply to: ghernandezJPLSS

Hey @ghernandezJPLSS!


Here are some tips for docking the command line:

How to dock the command line outside of AutoCAD 

Command line moves from the position after restarting Civil 3D 

Command line moves or does not hold a position in AutoCAD and Civil 3D 


Let us know if any of the articles helped you!

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Elina P.

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