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AutoCAD LT 2013 license error

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AutoCAD LT 2013 license error

Hello to everyone. 


I'm having the following issue with an AutoCAD LT 2013 corporate license:


I was using it normally until it was offered to upgrade the OS to Windows 11. I accepted the upgrade. After that, AutoCAD LT 2013 stopped functioning and it took me a while to discover that this version is not compatible with Windows 11.


I had to request corporate IT to downgrade my OS back to Windows 10, and AutoCAD LT started again, but this time with no license. When IT tried to activate the license online, we got this message on the attached print screen (sorry it is on Brazilian Portuguese). 


Probably this license needs to be reset on Autodesk servers (based on previous experiences told me by the IT guy), but this time is taking too long and no answer came for our e-mail to Autodesk.


Does anyone know other way to reach to license team and get my corporate license restored?


Thanks in advance.



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in reply to: phespanha

Autodesk stopped giving automatic Activations for older versions like these

you will need to contact them here: Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Support 

or contact your reseller

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in reply to: phespanha

You won't get the license re-activated by Autodesk. 2013 is no longer supported. I suppose you didn't make a backup of your system before upgrading to Windows 11, but if you did, restore it and with a bit of luck AutoCAD will work.

If you intend to upgrade or replace your machine, use the License Transfer Utility to save the license information to a file so you can read that back after doing an upgrade or replacement.

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in reply to: Simon_Weel

Thanks for the reply, anyway I'll try to contact Autodesk using the link provided on the first reply, and now on, always save the license information using the mentioned utility when upgrading the computer. Thanks.

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