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Autocad LT 2012 Download

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Autocad LT 2012 Download



Hoping someone can help, looking to move my licence over to a new laptop. Does anyone know have a Autocad LT 2012 downlad link?



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Where is your original disk or download?

Autodesk no longer hosts downloads for your old software: try the web starting at sites like eBay and other trustworthy websites, you'll have to buy a disk or download from someone. Beware of scammers.

LT2012 is also not designed for Win10 if that is your new system: it means you might have issued, if and when you get it installed you'll need to try and run it in compatibility mode. Oh, and all the LT0212 updates are going to be needed, also not available at Autodesk.

Good luck.
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Hi Pendean,


Thanks for the reply, Unfortunately my new laptop doesn't have a CD ROM to use the original disk to download. My old laptop that has the Autocad on it is on its last legs which is why I was hoping to transfer it over to the new one.


When I'd previously searched for the downloads I'd seen that someone from Autodesk on this forum had supplied a download link that was valid for 30 days, and was hoping for the same?



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It is possible to use the original disk to make another type of media to use on the new machine, i.e. USB drive. Obviously, this would need to be done on the old machine.


Drafting is a breeze and Revit doesn't always work the way you think it should.
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You can buy an external disk driver for under $20 from just about anywhere online or any computer shop in your region, including

Get one now.

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