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AutoCAD LT 2009 download link

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AutoCAD LT 2009 download link


I've a multiple license for AutoCad LT 2009 but I don't have the CD, so can you please help me with links to download the 64bit version.


Thank you.

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in reply to: sysopsact

Hello sysopsact

It looks like you need to find out more about downloading or re-downloading software, or are having issues that may be resolved by re-downloading.

For Windows users, before downloading products on Windows 10, please check that the product is compatible.

For general information about downloading or re-downloading (including eligibility), Community members with similar questions found the following article(s) useful:

Download Finder

Previous Versions of Autodesk Software

Download Methods

Find Your Eligibility for Previous Versions of Autodesk Software

Oftentimes installation and/or download issues can be addressed by using a different download method, or by downloading directly from the Autodesk Virtual Agent. Community members with similar issues found the following article(s) useful:

Software & Downloads

Downloading Previous Versions of Autodesk Software Using the Virtual Agent (Please be sure to disable your firewall and anti-virus before downloading)

Performing a Clean Uninstall

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Helpful links: Find Serial Numbers and Product Keys | Find Downloads and Service Packs | Activate Autodesk software
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in reply to: Otto

Sorry you cute bot 😛
but it's not available at all.
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in reply to: sysopsact

Hi @sysopsact,


Autodesk supports downloads for the latest version plus the last 3 versions prior to it. All supported versions can be downloaded from the Virtual Agent. If the version is not there, you may contact Customer Care to see if your product version is still available. Please note that any unsupported versions can become unavailable at any time. Thank you. 


Jeffrey Sin

Autodesk Customer Support
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in reply to: sysopsact

My auto 2009 lt traditional Chinese 64-bit disc is damaged. I need to reinstall it now. Is there a download link? I have authorization. There is also an activation code that can be used for transfer. Thanks.


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