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Autocad LT 2008 activation

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Autocad LT 2008 activation

Good morning. I need to activate AutoCAD LT 2008. It broke the hard drive where it was installed, and I replaced it. I need an activation code. . My email is: ,thank you.



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Hello @Anonymous,


This is true you can request an activation code for your software on that website. 


Request an Activation Code from (online method) and proceed with activation.

- You need an Autodesk Account to Log in

- It requires the User ID not the email to Log in 


If you need guidance please refer to Register During Activation, this shows the process step by step. 


I hope this answered your question or resolved the issue, if so please click

Kudos or the "thumbs-up!" icon.


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Hi I have tried to install a copy of Autocad 2008 LT onto replacement PC, when I run Autocad it will not generate an activation code even thou I have a original serial number?

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