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AutoCAD crashes every time I click Print or Help

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AutoCAD crashes every time I click Print or Help



I am installing a copy of AutoCAD TL 2013 on a new laptop. We have used this version on several workstations in the office with no issue, but on this new laptop AutoCAD crashes every time I click print or the help ? icon. It can open files, but bites the dust when you try to print.

I have tried updating drivers, updating windows, doing a clean uninstall and reinstall with no luck.

I've even had my external IT partners take a look but they have directed me to Autodesk support because they can't sort it out either so I'm kinda stuck right now. 


Laptop is a Lenovo ThinkBook 15 G2 on Windows 10 Pro

Printer is a networked Toshiba e-Studio

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Well this is delightful, it's getting worse. I've been trying to follow even more online instructions but it's crashing when I click on the command line to start typing.

I also tried to submit a help request to AutoDesk directly but because the software was purchased on a disc back  in 2013 the submission form wouldn't submit because it thinks I haven't purchased anything on this account I had to create today to post here.


Does anyone know how I can contact Autodesk directly? 

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>>>... it's crashing when I click on the command line to start typing...<<<

LT2013 is not supported in Win10, and no longer supported by Autodesk.


Try generic tips like these below that work just fine for most, then find and install the Lt2013 updates needed (never shipped on a disk either), you are pretty much on your own now:

 and this as last resort if old LT2013 even allows this 


For your printing issue, PLOT to PDF then print the PDF in a PDF viewer to your printer driver.


Good luck.

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