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Activation of 2014 Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate

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Activation of 2014 Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate

How do I activate my 2014 Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate. It is installed on my new computer but not activated.

It was previously activated on old my computer. The Transfer Utility no longer available, and I get Error when try to get new activation code -"Serial or version number issue".   I know that the serial number is correct. Any help/ information would be appreciated.

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in reply to: JudiDesign

Autodesk stopped authorizing new installation of software 2014 and older as of July 2022. You are too late now.
If you still have an old PC running that software you can keep using it forever or for as long as that lasts.


Also check out this tip from another user for an alternative, it may or may not work (I did not try it)



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in reply to: JudiDesign

Hi @JudiDesign 

Thanks a lot for posting your question to the forums!   Has the solution suggested by @pendean helped with your issue?

We look forward to hearing back from you with more information so we can help you as a community! 

Jonathan Hand

Industry Community Manager | AEC (Architecture & Building)

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