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Activation Issue

I am writing today to inform the AutoCAD Revit  Architecture Suite 2010 activation error. We purchased a perpetual license of  AutoCAD Revit  Architecture Suite 2010 and it was worked fine.

Suddenly it’s asking for the activation code, and the software is not opening now . The below message is coming While try to activate the software .

It would be really grateful if you could look into the license issue

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in reply to: stkumar9YMSY

Autodesk killed off reauthorizing of 2010 and older software as of August 31 2019

Sorry, you missed the deadline. There is nothing you can do about it today. Nothing.



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how autocad2010 activation code pls. this is my request code 0AAD PAHC JH00 LSUS 4SL9 5TNG 3DFQ EH3Z  

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in reply to: dranredsilos18

@dranredsilos18 No one here is going to give you an activation code: did you just buy that old software? Then you got robbed, get your money back.


If this is your own old software license then... Autodesk ended automatic reauthorizing of your older software, read all about it here

But... you might be able open a ticket with the Licensing support and confirm your options for sure here

If you still have your old Win7 PC and all works well, hang on to it for as long as it will last, then figure out a new option if you are unable to join Autodesk Subscription for newer software. If you find Autodesk software subscriptions too expensive, there are many other CAD packages out there with no subscription options (initial cost may still be comparably high) that you can go get and use.

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