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Activate Autodesk Inventor Suite 2011

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Activate Autodesk Inventor Suite 2011

I have installed the 2011 version of AutoCAD Inventor Suite on a new Windows 10 computer with a 7-disc installation package purchased from Autodesk by my company many years back. I know that the serial number I am attempting to use is attached to this official 7-disc installation package. However, when attempting to activate the product with the Serial Numberand the Inventor Suite 2011 Product Key (527C1), I get a message saying "The serial number you entered is not valid. Try again.". I attempted to work with Autodesk Activation Support to do an offline activation, but they got an error on their side due to a product key issue.


I have been told by Autodesk Activation Support that the product key I listed above does not seem to relate to the Inventor Suite 2011 package any longer, so I may need to clear this product key off the computer in question and then use the following Product Key instead: 466C1.


I have also been told by Autodesk Activation Support that they did not have access to any up-to-date/working downloads for Inventor Suite 2011 and that the 7-disc installation package that I have may no longer be up-to-date or activate-able either.


What can I do to try to get this product activated?

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OK, that is a helpful list, thank you.

But what can be done about changing the product key that I initially added when installing Inventor Suite (527C1) and change it to the proper Inventor Suite product key (466C1) in order to attempt activation again? It seems that the 527C1 product key I entered is now staying put, the app won't let me change it when attempting to activate...
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Afaik the only way to change the product key in to uninstall and then reinstall with the correct key.

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