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VB - Get the selected z-depth

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VB - Get the selected z-depth



I want to get the z-depth.

The function of the button in my plugin should be the same as the button in the toolpath. (see Attachment)


I can use this command 


pm.Execute("MODE OBTAIN ZHEIGHT """)


then I can select the z-depth in Powermill


and than i don´t know, how i get the value into a textbox.


Can someone help me?
thanks in advance








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in reply to: manuel.matheis

this sets the min value textbox:

pm.Execute("MODE OBTAIN ZHEIGHT 'ZRange.Minimum.Value'")
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in reply to: icse



I used the mode command to hide input windows as in MODE NOGUI ....

MODE OBTAIN ... is new for me.

There are more MODE commands, where can I find the necessary documentation/information?

Didn't find anything in Help/parameters/reference, mor in the PM Macro manual.

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in reply to: icse

yes, but I want to geht the parameter $ZRange.Minimum.Value in my application.


How I get the parameter after I pick the depth?

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in reply to: manuel.matheis

this function should return the value of this textblock as a string:

pm.ExecuteEx("PRINT PAR $ZRange.Minimum.Value").ToString();


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in reply to: icse

Thank you, but my problem is different.


after the command---powermill.Execute("MODE OBTAIN ZHEIGHT 'ZRange.Minimum.Value'")---

I have to select the depth in Powermill, so my application has to wait until I have selected the model.


I have currently solved this with a loop, but I think there is a better solution!

Here is my code:

        Dim depth As String
        Dim depth_old As String
        depth = powermill.ExecuteEx("PRINT PAR $ZRange.Minimum.Value").ToString
        depth_old = depth

        powermill.ExecuteEx("MODE OBTAIN ZHEIGHT 'ZRange.Minimum.Value'")

        'powermil. ?????waiting for selection?????

        While depth = depth_old
            depth = powermill.ExecuteEx("PRINT PAR $ZRange.Minimum.Value").ToString
        End While


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