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Need a new plugin guide

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Need a new plugin guide

I am trying hard on making a plugin. But the plugin guide is too old. I downloaded VS 2023. The framework is 7.0. Where can I find the latest version? 

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in reply to: peterquRXR7S

There is no latest version. You have to create the plugin, generate the DLL, manually change the framework in the proj folder.

I could be a bit outdated here, but that is what I have been doing.
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There is an example of all this pulled together here if it helps you get started quicker:


As barr.jarryd says, you will need to change the framework version as required.

Luke Edwards
Consulting Services Manager
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Thank you! Luke, I followed the instruction and Got a few errors.

I can't find Delcam.Plugins.Framework. 




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in reply to: peterquRXR7S

I found the Delcam.Plugins.Framework.dll. The the program still doesn't work.
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in reply to: barr.jarryd

To get started creating a new plugin, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the WordPress installation’s wp-content directory.
  2. Open the plugins directory.
  3. Create a new directory and name it after the plugin (e.g. plugin-name).
  4. Open the new plugin’s directory.
  5. Create a new PHP file (it’s also good to name this file after your plugin, e.g. plugin-name.php).

Bobby Jack
<a href=https://>cryamerica </a>

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in reply to: cryamerica26

Thank you for your reply. I guess this is a different kind of plugin. 

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