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create a fitted arc in a Powershape Macro (not using the API)

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create a fitted arc in a Powershape Macro (not using the API)

Hi all,


I have a Powershape model, with multiple mesh models. On each model I have to create a fitted arc, by clicking three times on a model (to create the fitted arc). The fitted arc function has to be terminated (for a specific reason) before creating the fitted arc on the next model. That seems to be a problem.

In the macro I have :

LIST all_models = {}
INT num_models = selection.number
INT sel = $num_models
IF $num_models > 0 {
    WHILE $sel {
         $sel = $sel - 1
         LET sel_name = selection.object[$sel].name
         select clearlist
         add Symbol $sel_name
         // now pick 3 points on the selected model to create a fitted arc
         INPUT FREE

The OK in the last line is not seen by the system after ending the INPUT FREE function.


In the API software the arc fitting function is (C#) :


/// <summary>

/// Creates an Arc by allowing the user to sketch through three points

/// </summary>

/// <param name="interval">The time in milliseconds between each check to see if the curve has been created yet</param>

/// <returns>Arc created by the operation</returns>

public PSArc SketchArcThroughThreePoints(int interval = 500)


     // Start the sketch

     _powerSHAPE.DoCommand("CREATE ARC FITTED");


     // Clear the created items list



     PSArc arc = null;

     PSModel model = _powerSHAPE.ActiveModel;


     // Keep looping and picking points

     while (arc == null)


         // Wait for half a second to see if a arc has been created yet



         // Fire in "OK" every time because if the user has finished sketching they have to confirm the radius before the creation completes



         // See if the user finished creating the arc yet

         if (model.CreatedItems.Count == 1)


             arc = (PSArc) model.CreatedItems[0];


             // Call select to end the arc creation



             // Add the new arc to the collection





     return arc;



One can see here that the "OK" parameter is constantly sent in a loop wit a delay  of 500 msec.

So, I suspect that we have to find a way to do a similar thing in the macro?


I am curious to know if there isn't a more sensible way.




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