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Vertical Plugin Window -Robot Program - Output workplane locked!

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Vertical Plugin Window -Robot Program - Output workplane locked!

Hi everyone, 


Our team has recently ran into an issue of not having access to changing the Output workplane any more. 

In the past, we were able to switch between work objects and write the NC program, but not any more. 


Is there anyway to unlock the Output Workplace box? 


Will appreciate your support. 


see below: 




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Hi @fghadamli 

There are 2 ways this menu can be greyed out ( not selectable).

In the PRIPost file (post)  the option CoordinateTransform Enabled="True
This is used for when supporting a external axis that is not mathematically coupled. 



The other reason is if in the Configuration menu, Fixture Offset Tab "Use Cell origin workplane as output workplane" is selected.  This greys out the output workplane as the intention is the same workplane used to position the part is the one selected.  Here it is NOT greyed out.


I hope this helps.


Alexandre Pinto
Process Specialist
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in reply to: fghadamli


Thanks for your response. 

It does not look like I can remove the check mark for the fixture offset as it would not be saved. 

Is there any other step I should take after I remove the check mark? 

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Make sure you have a robot cell loaded and active in your Robot Library tab. If there's no robot loaded the entire Robot Program tab options will be greyed out.

Oscar Romero
Owner | Product Specialist
@ cadcampilot

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