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Time manipulation for Horizontal plugin

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Time manipulation for Horizontal plugin

Hello All.

Does any one know if it will be possible to manipulate the time stamp, meaning punching in time basically, to take the robot configuration to the specific time of operation that user can punch in? 


Does something like this be possible for Additive? 


See the image below. 

The underlined is were I can see the time. But I want to manipulate the time through punching in a value




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Hi @fghadamli 

The workflow within PM Robot is quite unique if compared to normal CAM for a machine tool.
So when we simulate we are actually recording the position of the tool, axis value, time etc at each toolpath point.
By simulating your toolpath and saving the simulation file you get all the data in the .robsim file.

look at the folder "plugin data" inside your PM project folder.
*****\plugin_data\RobotInterface\Simulation Files

This will contain the simulations and you can open in Notepad++ to see the contents.

I am not sure what you mean by "manipulation", but I would be VERY careful if you edit the robsim file as this is where post processing is done from. So any errors will be included in the post processed file.

Regarding the time all I can say it is coming from the federates defined for this toolpath.

Hope this helps.

Alexandre Pinto
Process Specialist
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in reply to: fghadamli

@alexandre.pintoAGNAU thanks for the information. 

That is very helpful to know

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